Decolonisation, Loyalty and Unwavering Patriotism

The latest episode in US imperialism’s flawed domestic policy, that has brought worldwide attention to how President Donald Trump’s white supremacist enforcement of a zero tolerance for illegal immigrants and family separation at US borders, comes on the heels of our Day of the African Child celebrations.

Whenever we learn about atrocities of this nature, Mother Africa and her children’s compassion which remains on autopilot, is on display for the entire world to see. For this reason we are well aware of the fact that US-EU imperialist forces thank their lucky stars as it relates to just how much they benefit from an amputated narrative of history.

The greatest danger of this particular policy is how quickly it diverts attention from US-EU imperialism’s crimes all over the planet, past and present. If children are the demographic we decide to focus on, how many times have we posed the question, to what degree has imperialist sanctioning compromised the children of Zimbabwe, Cuba and Venezuela?

How many times will we be exposed to the grotesque images of Zionist Israeli soldiers dancing in the blood of Palestinian children while their parents stare helplessly?

Another undeniable fact is families who migrate to US and Western European borders from countries who fail to embrace the political and economic direction prescribed by US-EU imperialism are welcomed on their shores with open arms.

The moment these families have their paperwork processed, they take an oath of eternal loyalty, to almost immediately begin working for the demise of their nations of origin.

Who will deny that if Elian Gonzalez didn’t return to Cuba 18 years ago, he more than likely would become a member of one of the Gusano mercenary death squads in Miami like Alpha 66 or Brothers to the Rescue, where he would have been given the assignment to carry out one of the 635 assassination attempts on the life of Commandante Fidel Castro or any other leader of the Cuban revolution.

We are searching for those who believe that President Trump will turn away Venezuelans and Nicaraguans who swear their loyalty to US imperialism, and in return for US citizenship, will work around the clock for the demise of the governments of presidents Nicolas Maduro and Daniel Ortega.

It has been exactly 17 years since former US president George W. Bush introduced the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001. Virtually all of the Zimbabwean children born on US soil are encouraged to join either the MDC Diaspora network or the 400 civil society groups financed by the National Endowment for Democracy, National Democratic Institute or Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa.

This is why the US-EU imperialism’s Zimbabwe regime change agenda strategically highlights and champions the need for Diaspora-based Zimbabweans committed to neo-colonialism to be able to vote in their country’s elections.

The hateful posture of President Trump on the question of immigration exposes that US -EU imperialism is caught between a rock and a hard place, primarily because the brain drain is the biggest threat to Mother Africa’s growth and stability.

The Migration Policy Institute reports that since 2000, 75 percent of African immigrants came from 12 nations – Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Somalia, Morocco, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone and Sudan.

The US census gives a demographic breakdown that reveals 55 percent of African immigrants are male, 45 percent are female. Even of more import is the breakdown by cohort; the largest are the following ages 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54 at 24,5 percent, 27.9 and 15 percent respectively.

This trend has been referred to as the fourth great migration which gave life to the Diversity Immigration Programme; also called the green card lottery that started in 1990, which allows people with low rates of immigration to the US to obtain lawful permanent residence status. Around 50 000 of these visas are randomly distributed. In 2016, 38 percent of the recipients were African born. President Trump has sworn to end this measure.

The immigration breakdown also exposes that African immigrants are amongst the highest educated groups inside US borders. The same 2000 census showed 48,9 percent of African immigrants are college graduates. In 1997 it was reported that 19,7 percent of African immigrants held a graduate degree compared to 8,1 percent of Caucasian Americans and 3,8 percent of so-called African Americans.A further look at these trends focuses on the comparison of the educational achievements of African-born population in the US ages 25 or older, as they compare to others. Eighty-eight percent have a high school diploma or higher while Asian- born immigrants are at 78,8 percent or 76 percent of European-born immigrants.

Africans from Kenya were at 90,8 percent, Nigeria 89,1 percent, Ghana 85,9 percent, Botswana 84,7 percenty and Malawi 83 percent were the most likely to have a high school degree or higher.

From the African revolutionary perspective and point of view, the percentage we are looking for is how many of these highly educated individuals will embrace the legacy of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Reverend John Chilembwe, Eduardo Mondlane, Nnamdi Azikwe and others who came to enemy shores, attained education and returned home to dedicate their lives to liberating the people and nation from colonialism and imperialism?

This sheds light on why US-EU imperialism trembled in their boots when former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe would say the biggest threat to Africa’s development was the brain drain, and why President Mnangagwa keeps telling Zimbabweans to come back home.

Because President Trump has chosen to make the gang known as MS-13, who he publicly referred to as animals, as the justification for his immigration policy. This automatically draws attention to the origins of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC).

More than likely a ruthless businessman-turned-politician like President Trump would lack a rock solid geopolitical foundation, therefore it comes as no surprise why he would overlook that the WHINSEC was once the dreaded School of the Americas, that since 1946 (the same year Malcolm X went to prison) has trained 64 000 Latin American soldiers in counter- insurgency techniques, sniper training, commando and psychological warfare, military and interrogation tactics.

We challenge US imperialism to stand on the world stage and state with confidence that MS-13 gang members are more vicious and barbaric than the graduates of the School of the Americas, whose goal was to make Latin Americans follow the path of war criminals and butchers like Trujillo in Nicaragua, Augusto Pinochet in Chile, Anastacio Somoza in Nicaragua and the Duvaliers in Haiti.

When it comes to Zimbabwe, former Minister of Finance and People’s Democratic Party leader Tendai Biti can attest to the red carpet treatment that regime change agents receive in Washington. He was treated like a hero during his tenure as a visiting fellow at the Centre for Global Development in Washington DC.

Around the same time the Rhodesian and Boerish married couple Douglass Coltart and Chloe McGrath enjoyed celebrity like status in Washington when working for the International Republican Institute and the Atlantic Council’s Africa Centre.

For so-called African Americans who have become more invested in the question of immigration since former US president Barack Obama deported 2,5 million immigrants, followed by President Trump’s pandering to racists who have leaning to the ideas of Adolf Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan, let it be known the lives of the honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and Claudia Jones should help shed eternal light.

The honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey was deported in 1927 under false charges of mail fraud. His real crime was building a mass movement of four million members all over the Americas, following the trail of slave ships – the first form of public transportation.

In 1955, sister Cde Claudia was finally deported because it had been established five years earlier she was by Immigration and Naturalisation Services, in violation of McCarran Act which forbade non-citizens from joining the Communist Party USA.

Let us salute our great warriors who declared lifelong service to the path of revolution while on foreign shores. May the graves of WEB DuBois in Ghana and Kwame Ture in Guinea be immortalised and surrounded by the freshest and most beautiful flowers.

Obi Egbuna Jnr is the US correspondent to The Herald and External Relations Officer of the Zimbabwe Cuba Friendship Association (Zicufa. Feddback: [email protected]

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