Defeating George Soros agenda in Zim

Obi Egbuna Jnr Simunye
It is no secret that after the convincing defeat of the MDC Alliance in Zimbabwe’s recent harmonised elections, US-EU imperialism was forced to undergo a brief period of not only recuperation, a much needed honest re-evaluation of their regime change strategies.

What remains to be seen is if their traditional racist and white supremacist disposition will prevent them from admitting that they were completely outsmarted by President Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF.

Because our former colonisers and captors invested gallons of ink strategically aimed at making former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe public enemy No. 1, they obviously were ill- prepared to dispose of his successor who has now proven that US-EU imperialism can be defeated whether the weapons of choice are, as Brother Malcolm X stated, the ballot or the   bullet.

This tremendous victory by President Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF can be traced to a multitude of factors, on the surface many will instinctively point to the identity crisis of the MDC Alliance, who can’t quite decide if they want to be a ruling party, an opposition party set up to merely undermine a ruling party’s ability to effectively govern, or a fraternal goon squad that incites senseless violence yet cries wolf when their country’s police and military restore peace and order.

There are other Africans at home and abroad who heed the call from President Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again, which is an al- out declaration of war against both civilian neo-colonialism and its nearly defunct Siamese twin military neo-colonialism.

Based of this logical premise our never ending quest to dispose of every neo-colonialist puppet and stooge that contaminates Mother Africa will lead to an eventual clash with the forces who not only pull their strings, but those who sign the cheques, therefore providing our internal enemies their very lifeline.

At this very moment in history, that approach sets the stage for a showdown with none other than the ultimate white liberal chameleon, the devious multi-billionaire Mr George Soros, whose hatred and fear of ZANU-PF is a matter of public record.

Using one of US-EU imperialism’s cultural models to make an analogy, if this was the Old West full of gun-toting cowboys and desperadoes, Africans could not challenge Mr Soros to a gunfight where the rules used to take 10 paces and draw. What would happen is Mr Soros’ opponents would be openly ambushed, by his posse of gunmen, who depend on his cash flow for not only their survival but actual existence.

The role of Mr Soros and his brainchild – the Open Society Initiative – in bringing about a regime change in our beloved Zimbabwe, often goes overlooked primarily for two reasons.

Whether US-EU imperialism targets an African nation using political, military, diplomatic or philanthropic vehicles at their disposal, it is common knowledge to never make Mother Africa front and centre of their foreign policy agenda. This way our former colonisers and captors can do maximum damage, without magnifying the issues and process.

Mr Soros and his wallet filled with dirty dollars and pretty pennies, also benefits notably from an amputated narrative of the collective African experience, which sways so-called African-Americans to ignore the Open Society Initiative’s Africa agenda as long as Mr Soros keeps them on the payroll to fight the good fight inside US borders, meaning they have submitted to the path of political and geographical domestication till death do them part.

If we are going by what is commonly referred to as the letter of the law, it is technically a conflict of interest if recipients of Mr Soros’ cash flow in the so-called African-American community come to the realisation that future generations of African people will nod their head in disgust after learning that all it took was a hefty sack of hush money to prevent them from taking Mr Soros to task on the Zimbabwe question.

From the perspective of historical time and space, it is no coincidence that Mr Soros formed the Open Society Initiative in 1979, exactly one numerical year before the entire planet saw the British flag lowered once and for all at Rufaro Stadium on the night of Zimbabwe’s independence April 18, 1980.

Because of ZANU and ZAPU’s solidarity with both China and Russia at the height of the Second Chimurenga, Mr Soros appears to see the US-EU imperialist agenda in Zimbabwe as unfinished Cold War business. The coming out party for Mr Soros was when he cut his teeth in politics as a distant yet heavily invested ally of US-EU imperialism during the Cold War, and just like Pope John Paul II danced the night away when Socialism in Czechoslovakia and Poland and eventually the USSR was derailed.

When it comes to the Open Society for Southern Africa’s agenda, Mr Soros has decided to adopt a no-holds- barred approach to the regime change politik in Zimbabwe. The director of this effort is a Zimbabwean named Godfrey Kanyenze, who at the very same time directs the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, whose secretary-general was the late former Zimbabwean prime minister and MDC founder Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.

This is in addition to the 350 Zimbabwean civil society groups called Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition financed by Mr Soros and the Open Society Initiative in Southern Africa.

The question that must be posed after seeing the undeniable correlation between MDC-ZCTU and the Soros-funded and directed civil society groups in Zimbabwe, who all aggressively campaign for the maintenance of US-EU sanctions on Zimbabwe, will President Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF continue to let the three-headed monster of Mr Soros, former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright and Carl Gershman meddle in the affairs of a sovereign African nation?

Maybe Mr Soros’ ultimate aim is to bring MDC to power in Zimbabwe and use Zimbabwe in SADC, similar to how he used Kosovo when he created a non-profit group called the Independent Diplomat, that breathed life into Kosovo, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Somaliland and the Polisario Front of Western Sahara.

Zimbabwe’s land reclamation and indigenisation also sends chills up the spines of billionaire do-gooders whose commitment to the path of gradualism, the recipe for change, prosperity and progress that all white liberals like Mr Soros whose fortunes are inextricably linked to the perpetual cycle of colonialism and imperialism, are too corrupt to abandon in the name of fundamental change.

The historical challenge on the table is for so-called African-American-organised formations who were born from our tradition of genuine resistance, who are currently receiving financing from Mr Soros, are willing to demand that he immediately pull out his funding from pro-imperialist regime change activities in Zimbabwe.

Whether they are nationalist driven or are part of the civil and human rights fraternal and maternal order, we urge them to follow the courageous example of SNCC who knew when they stood with Egypt/Kemit and Syria during the 1967 Six Day War, that decision could lead to the the freezing and liquidation of their funds.

Another extremely important point is it appears that Mr Soros got his strategic blueprint from the Social Democrats USA, who were an offspring of the Socialist Party of America, creates a millieu for political organisers with an anti-imperialist background undergo a pro-imperialist re-invention.

This allowed one of the icons in the Civil Rights Movement, Bayard Rustin, to go from being an advisor to Dr King a decade earlier, to calling for US imperialism to send military jets to Israel, and supporting UNITA against what he called Soviet and Cuban involvement in Angola. Mr Rustin penned an essay called “Africa Soviet Imperialism and the Retreat of American Power”. The co-author was none other than National Endowment for Democracy director Carl Gershman, who also was a director of SDUSA.

Today Mr Soros is funding 336 more pro-regime change civil society groups in Zimbabwe, than Mr Gershman and the NED. However, on the political spectrum Gershman is considered a neo-Conservative and Mr Soros is labelled a radical left winger.

We ask the non-African forces who have followed the roadmap of our civil and human rights organisations to remember Dr King, who took a position against the Vietnam War, while knowing that LBJ would terminate his backdoor access to the White House to demand that Mr Soros withdraw funds from regime change agents in Zimbabwe.

We ask the women’s groups who feel Mr Soros is a worthwhile ally to consider what his decision to be a culprit in the US-EU imperialist change agenda in Zimbabwe, has done to the evolution of motherhood and daughterhood throughout the nation’s 10 provinces.

We ask the legal groups and networks who are funded by Mr Soros to study the illegality of US-EU sanctions on Zimbabwe, and ask their benefactor what helped him arrive at the conclusion that this measure ensured progress, peace and prosperity in Zimbabwe.

We ask the organisations who deal with immigrant issues who are funded by Mr Soros when will they address how Zimbabweans willing to work with US-EU imperialism, are given the green light to come to the US and Western Europe and work for the demise of their nations of birth.

We ask media outlets who are labelled progressive and radical to challenge Mr Soros’ convenient vacillation from the left when it comes to Zimbabwe.

We ask the pro-Palestinian forces who consider Mr Soros a born-again sympathiser concerning the suffering of Palestinians at the hands of Zionist Israel to ask themselves, how can you let Mr Soros grease your palm to condemn Zionism, support Palestinian self-determination yet ignore that the Zionists and Mr Soros are partners in the US-EU Imperialist agenda in Zimbabwe.

The time has come for the beneficiaries of Mr Soros blood money to show Zimbabwe and all of Africa, they want to change the image of appearing as comfortable with access to his cheque book as a kangaroo in the pouch of their mother.

Obi Egbuna Jnr is the US correspondent to The Herald and the external relations officer of Zimbabwe Cuba Friendship Association (ZICUFA).

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