Deputy Mayor in Video Assault Storm

Chinhoyi deputy mayor Councillor Derrick Matapure has come under fire for assaulting a hapless man in a video that has gone viral on social media.

Clr Matapure admitted he had a confrontation with the man, but dismissed the video as doctored, as some incidents were edited out.

The video of the heavily-built Clr Matapure charging menacingly and manhandling Mr Edsome Makiwa Gapare has gone viral on social media, drawing widespread condemnation for “dishonourable” behaviour.

In the video, Clr Matapure, who is also ZIFA Mashonaland West chairman, threatens to kill Mr Gapare if he does not honour his debt obligations.

Despite pleas for more time to settle the amount owed on grounds that he did not have money at the time, Clr Matapure insisted that he wanted his money on the spot.

In an interview, Mr Gapare said after the ordeal with his long-time friend, he reported the matter at Chinhoyi Central Police Station.

While making his report, Clr Matapure reportedly came in, claiming he had been assaulted by Mr Gapare.

“I was the one facing allegations of assault and my report was only recorded after about three days,” said Mr Gapare.

Tables turned and I was the one being accused of assaulting Matapure.

Mr Gapare, who owns a hardware store, said Clr Matapure went on to confiscate 11 doors from the shop.

Clr Matapure’s female companion then filed a charge of theft, claiming Mr Gapare owed her $460 from a botched joint venture deal.

“I went to follow up on my case at Chemagamba Police Station only to be told that I am a wanted man and I was detained for about 10 hours,” said Mr Ga- pare.

Clr Matapure has since returned the 11 doors.

He said contrary to claims that Mr Gapare owed him $20 as balance from $260, the man owed him $460.

“If he owed me only $20, what would have been the reason for me to take 11 doors? The simple truth is that he said I should come and get the doors to settle the $460 he owed me.”

Clr Matapure said he had invested the $460 so that they could split profits from the sale of the doors.

He said the video doing rounds on social media was doctored and does not reflect what transpired on the day.

He accused Mr Gapare of assaulting him and said he had a medical affidavit from a doctor confirming the injuries he suffered.

Chinhoyi Mayor Mr Test Michaels said the council could not take any action until Clr Matapure was found guilty by the courts.

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