Dereck Mpofu Ropes in Baba Harare, Bev

By Nyore Madzianike
Afro-Jazz musician Dereck Mpofu has put a new flavour in his music after he roped in Jiti musician, Baba Harare and raunchy dancer-cum-singer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda on his forthcoming project set for release on October 23.

The green ambassador has since released teasers of the track and video to “Chimbozvizunza”, which features Baba Harare on backing vocals. Bev is the main character in the video, whose snippets have already been received with mixed feelings on social media.

“It is a house track that features Baba Harare on vocals and DJ Pandaliser on the turntables,” said Mpofu. “The title of the song literally translate to ‘shake what your mama gave you’; the role which Bev assumed in the accompanying video.

“This is one project that has proved the versatility within us as musicians, considering that Baba Harare has to forego his Jiti beat and switch to house music. “On the same side of the coin, I have to do away with my genre to produce a track in house music, which happens to be foreign,” he said.

Mpofu said he has been doing music focused on humanitarian and developmental issues, and has decided to give his followers something to dance to into the festive season.

“Baba Harare and I have decided to give our music a notch up in terms of entertainment.

“As you are aware, I have been focusing on humanitarian and development musical projects, and this time around we decided to take a change. “This track will take people into the festive season, and they will have something to dance to into the Christmas time,” he said.

Mpofu, who was recently in New York on his humanitarian role as the green ambassador, said the sizzling video that is accompanying the “Chimbozvizunza” will also be available on YouTube on October 23.

“Everything will be ushered to our fans on the same day. This is one of the songs not to be missed, considering the characters featuring on both the track and video,” he said.

Baba Harare, born Braveman Chizvino, was optimistic that the track and its video will rock the entertainment scene.

“The track has great potential to top the charts, including the video that also features Bev. “It is great stuff coming from Mpofu,” he said.

He also revealed that he will be launching his six-track album “Generator” on November 7 in Harare.

“I am putting final touches to some of the songs, but the album is almost complete,” he said.

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