Dialogue must aim for nation-building

Political parties that participated in the July 2018 harmonised elections met on Friday last week and formed four thematic committees to give national dialogue the much-needed depth and direction.

The thematic committees are the Transitional Framework, Agenda Setting, Identification of Convener and Moderator and Implementation and Evaluation committees, all set to make citizens in their broad totality discuss challenges facing the country.

Well, that is laudable for as long as national dialogue is not mistaken for a regime change opportunity. National dialogue by its nature should not be about one person and his interests, it should not be about the opposition narrative, but it is about the national narrative of unity and prosperity.

It is about everyone. It is national.

Suffice it to say it is critical for the committee members to be chivalrous and acknowledge that the national dialogue is being carried out in a country with a legitimately elected President, who is a staunch advocate of national dialogue, himself.

We hope that the national dialogue will not stoop too low to deal with goat-skinning issues like challenging the legitimacy of President Mnangagwa whom we all know won the election and even humbled himself to the point of accepting being dragged to the Constitutional Court (Concourt) where opposition leader Nelson Chamisa failed to bring a single grain of election rigging evidence.

All Chamisa did was abuse existing democratic space and waste people’s time. It goes without saying that the Concourt is the last court of appeal on the land and is therefore conclusive.

Any challenge to the Concourt outcome therefore becomes goat-skinners’ discourse. Nothing serious!

Soon after winning the 2018 election President Mnangagwa announced that his hands were open to working with all and sundry.

He reiterated that again early this month, but that should not be mistaken for a weakness on his party.

Calling for national dialogue does not mean the ruling party Zanu-PF and its Government cannot run this country.

It means the ruling party has a listening President who wants citizens to speak out their minds and contribute to the national discourse, speak to a shared vision and indeed drive the nation in one direction.

We hope the thematic committees will not waste our precious time and resources trying to deal with personal vendettas and self-serving political ambition.

We hope they will deal with real matters of State and governance with the soberness, skill and maturity of nation builders.

source:the herald

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