Dinosaurs Driving Corruption Gravy Trains

That in a way might be the headline for a conversation going viral on the lips of Zimbabweans and observers abroad in the aftermath of the July 30 harmonised elections made controversial by the MDC- Alliance’s futile rejection of Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory.

[However the Constitutional Court quashed the opposition party’s challenge with the endorsement of ED’s triumph.]

Ideas across the political divide here as well as those of Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, as heard on international radio, now appear strongly to converge, as indeed they must, on the need to put the polls behind our backs and go ahead full throttle in developing our country to take it into a brave new future.

Now Zimbabweans appear to realise the reality that ruling as well as opposition party members are one people and that the country’s successes or failures developmentally will affect everyone regardless of the party they support.

A unity of purpose is the only basis for any country’s successes while divisions are a prescription for failure, now Zimbabweans appear to realise that.

After all, no one political party has a mandate from God to rule forever nor another party to remain a political wagging tail in any country forever.

Moreover, the July polls were not the only elections to take place in this country before the world comes to an end.

The failure by the MDC-Alliance to take power from zanu-pf should be regarded by that party as a wake-up call to try harder next time.

In any case, the opposition MDC-Alliance must respect the outcome of the polls and abide by the rule of law.

That’s the essence of the democracy that Zimbabweans yearn for.

In the second republic, with the new dispensation Government headed by President Mnangagwa, a diverse range of ideas to move the country forward has been sounded and their coincidences can only be ignored by the government at its own political peril.

President Mnangagwa says his Government will accelerate industrialisation, modernisation and mechanisation of the economy to create decent jobs and that the fight against corruption will also be high on his agenda to make Zimbabwe a middle-income state by 2030.

For these initiatives to succeed, an alignment of laws to the constitution, the country’s supreme law, must become a priority to clear the decks for success to become a reality.

With the right macro-economic fundamentals in place and engendered by peaceable conditions, Zimbabwe is bound to become a lucrative investment destination for foreign capital, especially if lured by Zimbabweans in the Diaspora remitting their sweat home to oil economic growth

Which also suggests that instead of Nicodemously and often plotting one another’s downfall, political parties at home should put their heads together and work in developing our country and in that way put smiles on the faces of our people in order for the masses to loosen tightened belts for shrunken bellies to swell.

Young people in their cutting edge and women in general must be empowered as forces to be reckoned with in national development and our nation will be unstoppable in achieving its various goals.

Perhaps much more urgently, corruption must be regarded as a monster which should not be allowed to rear its ugly head in both in the public and private sectors.

Economies in many African states are in virtual tatters with governments there running for their lives because of corrupt tendencies.

This is particularly so where political dinosaurs remain at the controls of corruption gravy trains with cronies in charge of the levers of power taking over from their bosses when the latter retire to munch the spoils away from the glare of the public.

Here at home, some worried citizens have denounced any and every leader who might be steeped in corruption and wonder why those who stole billions of dollars from the country and kept the money stashed away in foreign lands before some of it was returned at ED’s orders, as well as some officials found with lots of cash hidden in their homes, have not been severely punished in order for such sanctions to serve as a warning to potential economic saboteurs to take heed or else shove their fingers in red hot coals.

If corruption continues to rear its ugly head with sterile verbal denunciations the order of things, the planned devolution in Zimbabwe will be doomed to failure.

People with clean hearts and driven by both the fear of God and of the law must be put in charge to oversee the much-talked-about deputising of state power and Zimbabwe might lead the pack of other countries in this region, and even beyond, in giving a measure of power to the people in shaping their own destiny.

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