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. . . dirty lyrics could make or break singer

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
JITI singer Baba Harare could have shot himself in the foot through his sexually suggestive lyrics and raunchy dances on his recently released video “Automatically.”

Credited for reviving Jiti music, the musician seems to be losing the plot after failing to deliver a clean version of the genre, something which may raise dust from fans.

His breakthrough hit, “The Reason Why” made Baba Harare a household name.

His newfound interest could have been followed with appealing songs that are fit to be played by families.

But another dirty hit “Guzuzu” followed.

Again, sexually suggestive lyrics and visuals tainted the potential of a very good song.

Some would have dismissed this as a learner’s mistake, had it been that “Automatically” came out clean in both lyrics and video.

With this, Baba Harare missed the golden opportunity to firmly entrench his name among the country’s musical greats.

History has shown us that dirty songs do not last the mile. Fans will soon get fed up and confine the video into the dust bin of history.

Clean lyrics are enduring.

One Jacob Moyana rose to fame with dirty songs before plunging into oblivion.

His music died a natural death.

Jah Signal also came with “Sweetie” a hit that rocked 2018.

The musician thought he had found his mojo through dirty lyrics, went on to release “Stonyeni” that marked his demise.

He is struggling to make another hit and people seem to be shying away from his music.

Dozens of Zimdancehall artistes have also churned out dirty lyrics before fading away.

Baba Harare should have taken advantage of his popularity to consolidate his musical standing.

He has the potential to claim a seat among the musical giants on the domestic scene only if he manages to clean up his act while people are still giving him an ear.

He can learn a few tricks from his former boss, Jah Prayzah, who once toyed around with ‘bubblegum’ music before he dumped it for music laden with rich Shona cultural influences.

Baba Harare’s genre of choice, Jiti, has produced world celebrated stars in the form of Bhundu Boys, whom left a void that he could fill and possibly rise to international stardom.

Although he has the talent, Baba Harare seems not to understand that dirty lyrics alone will not spur him into a shining star.

He needs to do more to steer clear of this.

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The Herald

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