Dj Chucknosis Under Fire

Popular DJ Chucknosis earlier this week courted online criticism after making claims which critics said bordered on discrimination.

The flamboyant wheel spinner (real name Chuckie Ayisha) on episode 3 of the “Kutsime” online show on Monday said, ” . . . light-skinned women look cleaner”.

This did not go down well with some local women who found the comment to be not politically correct.

Fashionista Bren Mupa posted on her Facebook page: “Colourism is a legacy of colonialism and slavery and is deeply engrained within our society. The remarks made by the Zimbabwean DJ on Kutsime lack depth, intellect and research.

“It is a tedious argument that should have been cut out from the video. Words are powerful . . . I am sure they might try to be controversial in some of their story lines just to gain momentum, not sure if this is the way to go especially in society were skin bleaching is on the rise amongst young girls. Such comments like “light skin” looks cleaner than “darker skin” should never be accepted.”

Another lady based in South Africa, Tracy Mutonhori, who watched the show commented, “Inga zvakaoma (unbelievable).”

Marshal Shonhayi said the disc jockey went overboard.

“Come on, that is too much, we can’t be thinking that way in this day and age, it is a primitive thought,” he said.

Tendai Makurume agreed with Chucknosis and said it is his opinion and should be respected for that.

“As men we have different opinions, I have watched the full show neither knew about it but only saw a clip of his comments circulating on WhatsApp groups. It is his opinion and after all, who doesn’t like light-skinned women? It is his choice,” he said.

Producers of the show have defended Chucknosis’ sentiments, stating that was the purpose of the show to stir debates.

“With regards to that issue, our aim is to stir up conversations which lead to creating solutions to the matters addressed,” said Connie Mazani, the producer of the show. “The question is, how do we deal with such sentiments aired by Chucky as a community which is representative of what most males in our population feel or view the fairer complexion.

“We are hoping it can start up debates that lead to solutions.”

Kutsime Talk show is hosted by Rebecca Muchenje, Natasha Burnett, Kernisha Hunzwi and features DJ Chucknosis.

The show seeks to create a platform that can ignite meaningful conversation around social issues that affect Zimbabwean communities on a daily basis.

According to the team, the key objective is to encourage deep discussions that build and mend relations in the work place at home and in society.

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