Donald Trump “I will lock #Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe in prison if I become US President”

Donald Trump  “I will lock #Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe in prison if I become US President”

By Andrew Lieberman

Washington DC, US business mogul Donald Trump has put Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and Ugandan President , on notice, vowing to deal with them ruthlessly when he ascends to Presidency.

Speaking while addressing war veterans in Washington, Trump warned other like minded dictators who want to die in power, that their time is up and its just a matter of time before they face justice.

“I want to reiterate here before America’s greatest heroes that I will not condone any dictatorial tendencies exhibited by dictators around the world especially the two old men from Zimbabwe and Uganda”

Mugabe and Museveni must be put on notice that their days are numbered and that I am going to arrest them and lock them in prison. If the past American administrations have failed to stop these two despots, I will personally do it”

Mugabe and Museveni have given the world enough troubles and its about time someone puts to an end all these madness for peace to prevail” Sid Trump who seemed unapologetic.

If Obama fears them, I will never fear them. If clinton and Bush feared them, If the Pope kneels before them, I will never be reduced to that level. I will never be cowed. I promise to clean all the political mess around the world and promote international justice” Added Trump arrogantly.

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  1. I think your dreaming has gone too far. Maybe UGANDA but as for motherland ZIMBABWE, it will never be a colony again.

    • Its already a colony of China

      • burn

      • says the person who is not zimbabwean

        • Mugarbage must hang. He is a racist terrorist criminal. And the stupid zims still vote for that old crook, no wonder they all die of hunger soon.

          • We love our Mugabe… He is unlike Bush, Blair, Obama and Trump who are only good at stirring Wars and violence in Africa…Killing innocent people in Libya, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan etc….funding the ISIS, Boko Haram and many more…. Why cant you white ass whole keep your long noses in your countries and leave black people and Africans enjoy our own Oils and Minerals. White Murderers… I am not racist, President Mugabe is not too. VOTE FOR MUGABE 2018

          • Oh please, are you that stupid?? Mugabe is the biggest stir and murderer and a dictator that just care about himself and his own family! The rest is left poor without food or jobs… nada. That is why the west (white people) have to send money and food etc… Incl. from South Africa. That is also why the zimz fled and still fleeing by the millions to South Africa???? WHO are you kidding?? Just yourself.

          • Go and fuck your mother , sister and your dog your pease of shit , stop running to south africa , because your black apes eat rats and dogs that is why you stupid black asses votes still vote for your studid mugabe and now zimbabwe is the poorest country in the world, go and fuck your fuckup president.

          • Our lives as Zimbabweans have changed for the better…we maybe the poorest country in the world, of cause because thats the picture the media and the white goats have portrayed…for your own information, most Zimbabweans out side Zimbabwe are actually struggling to make ends meet, struggling to find their way back home….We are good with our Mugabe…

            Sir Gus

          • You know when your country was called Rhodesia, it was called the fruit basket of Africa, this means most of the African countries included South Africa was buying from Rhodesia food and when your president and his stupid fools like you,got him into power your country became a desert when you people killed unarmed white farmers, but i can tell this, your people will never try this in South Africa , because we as white people are well armed and trained in gorilla and conventional war fare, i can still shoot and kill a zimbabwean at 800 meters

          • Simon the Sowetan

            John, don’t be an a-whole. Let by-gones be by-gones. Stooping to the level of these cretins does you no good. Embrace change and move on.

          • Simba Nhete be careful you show everybody that you are not very intelligent. Rather keep quiet. And by the way, you speak only for yourself, but also fooling yourself… not us. Things changed for the better?? Really?? Like how?? No food, no money, no f@$%#all. Zimbabwe is a shithole created by dumb idiots WHO feel sorry for themselves and hates white people… the same white people WHO has to feed your dumb asses.Go and educate yourself around the situation your “wonderful” country and its people finds itself in, then come back and have an intellegent conversation with intellengent people. Thank you

          • No need for that language John. If we go back to history every human being started as an ape according the white man theory and religion Christianity. Now yes Zimbabwean people are lost dumb and stupid. They keep voting an idiot into power. Zimbabwe and south Africa used to be so clean and beautyful under the white man rule. HOWEVER if we minus the oppression that is. But truth be told those 2countries where better off back then. I do not understand why Mugabe is still in power. Those that are defending Mugabe go away. Zimbabwe is dying of poverty and people turning to drugs because your fool of a leader thought by taking white farms away he is bettering the country!!! Education used to be free or at list rrsonable but now less children are being educated . Most Zimbabwe people around the world claim to be South African so clearly they are ashamed to be Zimbabwean. Only an idiot van say Mugabe is a good president. If you have to be at stand still or get killed because your president is driving past, if you can’t raise an opinion towards your president, if there is no freedom of speak then you are just as oppressed by Mugabe and what indipendance? BTW I’m not white I’m fully black.

          • Spiritual Soul now i take my had of for you, now you sound like a educated person, i have about 30 Zimbabaweans working for me for 5 years and they are very happy working for me.

            Good Luck and my you and your family have a heathy and happy new year.

          • Trust me it annoys me to death when they say Mugabe is good. Good where? The economy has gone down to nothing. Civil servants being paid $50 to $80 pm. Alcahol consumption is killing a lot of zimbabwrans, they drink to suppress hunger. Down to caught mixters they are abusing. Most young adult deaths are caused by this. So go and sit down with your we love Mugabe. I have no knowledge on farming nor do I have any capital to waste on farming. How then can I go and claim a farm? Mandela came and stepped down with dignity. So why won’t Mugabe? Yea he might be educates but he has no wisdom. Its like saying I’m a millionaire yet i don’t invest in nothing. Everyday I’m out partying eventually the million will finish. But I can be a millionaire and invest…that’s called wisdom and knowing tomorrow. Down with Mugabe who is killing his own people and down with the fools who keep vottung him back inn. Happy new year to you too John

          • John. Calm down and cease with the childish racism. I’ve read lots of negative stories about Zimbabwe (mostly from Western media) and decided to see for myself. I’ve visited twice in the last 12 months. I visited places on and off the beaten path. I stayed in the home of a family in a small town there. What did I see? Extremely nice people. A lot of well dressed people packed in modern grocery stores. Sure some folks are very poor and others rich. Sure — politics are a sensitive subject there. It’s the same here in America. PS: I look forward to returning to Zimbabwe at some point in the next 12 months.

          • yes u are racist
            obviously stupid too
            Mugabe is worse than all of the idiots put together. go farm your lands and minierals with lazy uneducated pheasants then.
            You probably don’t even know the difference between a cow and tractor

          • Say all you want…we are free in Zimbabwe….happy with our Mugabe…Educated more than 90% of africa…

            Sir Gus

          • “Educated more than 90% of africa…”

            – Right *giggles* sure… 😉

          • Jews run white countries, as for being in your countries white people invented the technology to extract the resources and the market place for them.BTW I think it is now the Chinese you have to worry about.

          • Mugabe is a murderer you jackass lolol

          • that murdering despot has looted the country and unless you r gushungo or have your head up a gushungo rrrse you are doomed, what about your fellow zimbabeans you fool Simba Nhete

          • mhata yamai

          • you are indeed a
            racist unless you do not know the meaning of it.

          • Agree with you

    • Who said anything about a colony, a-hole?

    • Trump gonna deal with you . Zimbabwe wont even last a day against USA

  2. This Trump guy sounds psychic, loud mouthed, stupid and insane. He talks trash most of the times and I wonder if Americans are taking him seriously. Hey, if this is what money can do to some humanoid, America should be extremely worried. At the helm of the American Government, a President of his calibre (suspect sanity levels) would torch up all the nuclear warheads targeted at traditional US foes and wipe out everyone from the face of earth..including himself. He must be checked quickly for psychological balance otherwise he continues to be a huge liability to himself, his business, America and the world at large.

    • You could not have said it any better!

    • Suck a dick ho.

    • He IS psychic (just as you said) but YOU’RE psychotic.

    • Shit I knew something was up when he started bending spoons with his mind.

    • Only reason why people have things to say about Trump is because you are scared of hearing the hard truth!! He is the only President that will not sugar coat something just to satisfy the people to get himself into power. He was honest since day one and I do believe that he will bring people back together by eliminating the bad influences that are two faced sugar coaters. You want someone to tell you everything will be okay, but honestly its not!! You Americans make as if you got it so bad, but meanwhile our president layers the bad news so much with his stories that we don’t know what’s going to be the next disaster or the next step!! We literally sleep with guns and weapons under our pillows, burglar bar our houses to the extent, have safety gates by every door inside the house and more than 10 security beams outside our houses and even with all the safety precautions we still get home at night to find our valuables missing or walk out of the store after 5 minutes just to find our vehicles broken into or stolen!!! We don’t have presidency that even tries to make life easier for us! but as always spoiled brats do not recognise/ appreciate the effort that one puts into your country.

  3. Where do you vote for this guy?

  4. Do what right Donalga

  5. Why not lock Zuma up too, then even i’ll vote for you!

  6. We are a sovereign nation Mr Trump. Under what jurisdiction will you be acting if your wishful thinking were to be entertained? America’s? Herein lies the problem: we are NOT Americans. We do not wish to be! We have our own problems, just like any other country, but we refuse to be arm twisted into a accepting a foreign solution to our problems. Keep in mind that you are running for the US presidency, not for world prefect…

  7. Er, by WHAT law??? Last I saw, these two were elected to lead. A population gets the government it deserves and I cannot recall when Zim & Uganda became the 51st & 52nd state of the union?

    • Jacques Marneweck

      Zim has reelections until zanu gets the outcome he is prepared to accept. Check out zimbabwe elections footage right after the opposition won and zanu rounded up some voters and killed those that put up a fight. We have millions of zimbabweans that fled zim working as waiters and car guards while they have degrees and even doctorates. My 1 friend I worked with told me how he was informed of a opposition rally that was going to be held on a fenced off field. After most people was settled all the gates got locked the “organisers” took of their opposition tshirts and donned their zanu uniforms as more police came. Then they all got beaten his brother had his jaw broken that night. I have never spoken to a Ugandan guy about stuff happening in his home country so I wont comment on that.

  8. Doze niqz be toast, homie!


  10. Bull SHIT

  11. Please ad ZUMA to the list. He may not be from Africa but lets face it….. Africans will keep running instead of fighting. South Africa LAST STOP….

  12. Simba nthete you dick head stupid slag Robert killed alot of innocent people and now his supporters are starving. The whites farmed in Zim and there was food now nothing cause you chased them away. But you cunts forgot too ask the white man how too farm , plant and too drive a tractor. Haha

  13. I’d join the USMC again if I got to go into Zimbabwe, shoot every Dindu in sight, and then turn it back into Rhodesia. Same with South Africa. It would be a bonus to completely depopulate Somalia.

  14. Anorwara ne pfungwa mface uyu…

  15. If Trump can lock Jacob Zuma up, then he’d have the entire South Africa backing him up… just saying..


  17. Soz but there is no proof he said this. The story first appeared on a ugandan website and there is no mention of it elsewhere.

  18. WOW cant believe how many IDIOTS here still stand up for Mugabe piece of waste That make u TOTAL IDIOTS and not even worth talking to lmao President Trump can put u all in a BIG hole together to Die!!!

  19. Firstly, i dont think, Zimbabweans in diaspora are jobless and are suffering economic hardships like those staying Zimbabwe. Secondly, i dont think Zimbabweans in diaspora sleep with hunger. I am pretty much sure,they may not be working in their trained professions but they are employed and getting paid and perhaps are able to save. Coming down to Donald trump, that guy is psychic, there is no way he can empower himself to deal with Zimbabwe matters. Actually he will make it worse by plunging us into unnecessary war. Many Zimbabweans do not support Mugabe, but his time will come to an end sooner or latter. Its a transition. I would not lie to say we are more than happy in Zimbabwe. They are very few who are maybe, but the majority are suffering. I urge all who are able to leave Zimbabwe to do so. There is no point in fighting a soldier holding a gun with your bare fists. You die for mahala. Whats the point of graduating and become jobless. Yes a few get jobs but its worse being a professional and being paid peanuts. No one seems to care in Mugabe’s administration, all they care about is fattening their pockets and expanding their empires. China has recolonized Zimbabwe and they are looting our minerals. Look at what the Chinese did to Zimasco and all other companies in Zimbabwe.We need to pray for God to change our fortunes as Zimbabweans, fighting Mugabe wont take us anywhere ma zimbo. We have tried it and many died and for nothing as well. No more lives and blood should be shed in the name of Mugabe. Lets endure he is leaving soon.

  20. Evidently Trump is more than just a trump and a dictator himself, he is also crazy

  21. Melanie Milliner

    Relax y’all…Donald Trump did not say anything of the sort….

  22. Hans von Pistov

    Include Zuma in the list.

  23. its a fake report guys

  24. Orapeleng Lazarus Ramothamo

    I wish African Leaders be like Honorable President Mugabe, Whites can keep their money everything nd leave Africa in peace, hunger etc bt we will be free 4rm them

    • “We will suffer and starve but at least we will have the illusion of freedom” unlike your leaders who live lavishly without a worry in the world. Pride and spite are very dangerous entities.

  25. This whole thread full of bitter white racists calling black Zimbabweans dumb and telling us we were better of with them in power. Oh you mean in the townships,permits and kissing they asses? Please, if anyone’s not intelligent its some if yal ignorant white folks. Let’s stick to the issue and suggest solutions instead of subliminally posting racist comments. When white people oppressed blacks it was fine, but when a black man stands up to white folks hes racist? You guys never liked us and never will, if anything you’re dumb.. Racism got us here to begin with. Zim needs a better multi colored future, not one where white folks think all blacks are dumb and we need them for prosperity

  26. Trump doesn’t use words like that and I don’t believe for a moment that we would say that. This is the problem with media, and this is why he won – because he exposes the media, and he is for self determination. Sort out your own problems.

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