Donald Trump Jr.’s kills an African elephant and cuts off the tail to show off


429506_10151382199005713_1909821503_nDonald Trump Jr.’s big game hunt in Africa – pictured holding a dead elephant’s tail in one hand and a knife which appears to have cut off the tail in another.




donald-trump-s-sons-address-controversy-caused-by-their-wildlife-hunting-photos eric-trump-hunting Screen-shot-2012-03-14-at-9.09.37-PM

Comment below:

Barbaric or fair game?


Is it right that Americans and Europeans come and kill our precious wildlife like it is a joke?

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  1. Why trump a**hole? Just for the fun of it? Sick bastard!

  2. Kymberly Jackson

    let shoot him and cut his little thing off see how he like’s it but dont kill him let him suffer

    • Little thing ? he don’t have a thing to be little, that’s why he hunts.

      • These @$$wipes must have microphallus or micro-dicks (abnormally small penis) that they have to kill these amazingly beautiful animals so they feel like they have something close to normal size between their legs..

      • Hey people so you know. Trump has 2 pedophile sons.The whore daughter who all blew her brothers. Because they had nobody to play. So they fondled each other.

    • joy adeline chen

      Bright idea.. they need to suffer, they are too spoiled already in this world.

  3. Karma will get you back !!!

  4. is his father Donald trump like that too? I the animal killers and the people in these photos need to be punished for what they are doing to the wild,s no wonder there isn,t much animals left. ignorant ass people keep killing them and that is terrible and cruel. hang them by their balls and see how they like it.




    • Heather Artunian

      I could not have said it any better!!! Kudos, Sophia!!!

    • get over it he likes big game hunting and although u might disagree with he does it legally as approved by the governments of the countries he is in.


      your a joke.

    • Hey There @time2FIREupOLDsparky:disqus

      I agree with the moral wrongness of killing an animal for nothing more than pleasure, but I would like to make mention that the African Elephant should by no means be extinct in 10 years. As someone who lived in Africa for most of my life and has a deep interest in the preservation of all species I’ve followed this very closely. African Elephants are increasing in number, which although somewhat relieving, does unfortunately not justify killing for pleasure.

  6. Ruth DelaCerda

    He would be nothing without his dad’s money.

    • He’s nothing WITH his dad’s money!

      • mattituckresident

        well put – the guy is a loser – always has been always will be. so money can buy you the means to go kill an innocent elephant (who by the way lives with their family for years and years – almost a human like bond) – but it can’t buy you a shred of decency – bad things happen to people who do bad things – just wait it out – something really bad is going to happen to him.

        • look at all the nazis who died in high age like sassen, speer or mengele, and dictators all over the world after bringing mio of people pain and death while living in incredible luxus…
          i think you rather get “bonus points” for doin bad things. the world we live in is still the biggest of all as5holes ;D

    • Christine Argenti

      He is still nothing….with or without his father’s money. And his father is nothing also. Plain pieces if shit they are. This is how they will be remembered… nothing but pieces of shit.

    • what about yu atleast he will inherit it or part of it

  7. Diane Ormrod Davis

    Seriously want to do the same to that piece of sh*t! So in response to your question: barbaric!

    • I think Jack Carone, from the animal-rights group In Defense of Animals summed it up perfectly when he stated: “Privilege has clearly not bought them the sensitivity or wisdom to view the world as anything but their personal playground, including the imagined entitlement to end the lives of sensitive and social animals for mere amusement”.

  8. Alison Maya Hancock

    Disgusting! It makes me ashamed to be human!!

  9. Lisa M. Duncan

    Stupid rich bastards.

  10. The elitist attitude of the rich is so discussting. Do they not pay attention to the troubles of the world? The glorious animals will be extinct soon and he feels he has a right to kill the animals. Shame on all the animal killers of the world.

  11. Alyssia Alexandria

    The young Trump and his friends once AGAIN prove that access to vast resources is not a guarantor of character, humanity nor intelligence. This moron of the lowest of gene pools is obviously suffering from a gender identity crisis and a drain on his imagination bank. If boredom as a real man has eluded him I suggest he seek the advice of Bruce Jenner and STOP wasting his fathers (fluctuating ) resources on the draconian game of the hunt – this retard should be kept in a straight jacket with live un drugged un chained and un threatened lions tigers bears and any other living being he has abused, and killed PATHETIC!

  12. Elizabeth F Nolen

    Why does it not surprise me that the son is as big of a mentally deranged person as the father…not a question!! Just sad and sick of these beings that are littering this planet.

  13. Angela Williams

    Hope he gets trampled to death by a huge herd of gazelle, and that it’s a long and very slow, painful death.

  14. What a moron ! Isn’t that against the law? How is he any different than a poacher ???? I hope that he get’s instant Karma and gets killed by an animal !!!!!

  15. compassionless entitled piece of shit

  16. Freaking idiot, he needs smacked upside his head.

  17. Maybe we should shoot them and see if they like it. Killing any animal for sport is disgusting and barbaric.

  18. barbaric – humans who are so dissociated from empathy for other living beings should not be allowed to live in a free society – I think they should all be transported to an isolated and heavily guarded island and made to live with each other for the rest of their lives (I don’t believe in the death penalty or torture) they deserve to live and interact with their own kind.


  20. Dawnetta Terry Weekley

    The blonde is also Trump’s younger son.

  21. WTF is wrong with him? Has he never been taught right from wrong? I thought they were protected and it was against the law for poachers getting their ivory etc.. Did he think there wouldn’t be a backlash of hate towards him…

    • no its not. they have annual hunting of elephants for the past 40 years look it up . this is old news . its only news cause its donald trumps son.

      • I don’t care if it has happened for 100 years it is still a disgrace for them to be hunted, why do they have to hunt them even if the numbers of elephants etc are high, I have read the explanation and the only over populated animal on this planet is us but you don’t see anyone hunting or culling us to keep numbers down!

        • he never murdered 1 dog . and that was proven . it just happened on his property. so he got all the blame .

  22. Like Father like Son.. Disgusting, Self Centered, Self Absorbed, Self Righteous, Judgmental, Disrespectful ARCEHOLE of a human being. Need I say more!.

  23. Wealthy simple minded people are complete absolute ignorant fools!

  24. These are the same idiotic shamans who don’t believe global warming is real, and in their mind killing innocent wildlife for thrills is different from POACHING! ooh this just pisses me off! Board.. find God..
    You Sorry as piece of human being.

  25. this is legal . i don’t see the problem. now a unarmed man killed by police is what u people should be upset about . u people all worried about all the wrong things. fucking sheep

    • Dear Stoned…Murder is just that ,murder… whether its an unarmed human or an animal…give trump a gun on the streets and he probably would kill humans for fun too….is it still ok…..baaaaa

      • these hunts are for the ill and or mamed animals of the herd. look it up, he didnt just go over shoot it and leave. their gov. gives the ok to shook it and chances are they keep it too i heard. he literally just shoots it and leaves.

    • Barbara Jean Maggert

      No, you are the freakin’ sheep if you think the lives of animals do not matter… much less those of endangered ones. Granted, despite the fact that most of the police are beyond decent and put their lives on the line to protect us on a daily basis, some mistakes have been made. The ones that did wrong need to account for their errors… but that does NOT excuse the senseless killing of innocent animals! If you think it does, I am grateful to have never crossed paths with you! And, while I could be wrong, why do I have this feeling that you are a total Michael Vick devotee… who cannot understand why he is now one of the NFL’s most hated players? After all, he just murdered dogs!!!!

    • If you don’t see that killing an animal for sport is just one step away from killing another human for sport, then you are the fucking sheep.

  26. Someone needs to cut up Donald Trump Jr…..
    into tiny little pieces.
    Real slow.
    While he’s still alive.

  27. i would rather it be me than these rare and desperate majestic animals, next time you guys want to go shoot something so magical in Africa, please fly me there and take me instead.

  28. And he seemed a reasonable person before I saw this!.Typical rich ,self indulgence ,killing animals for sport.Now the Conservatives have won the UK elections,they want to bring back fox hunting! Where are your priorities you rich arseholes.There are millions of people homeless or using food banks and all you can think of is killing innocent animals.

  29. Arrogance arrogance arrogance……sad that you have so much Trump money that you cannot find something more useful to do with your time……disgusting on so many levels.

  30. F****** A**hole!!! Killing animals for sport! Disgusting!

  31. He killed a very large STATIONARY object with a big gun. A 2 year old could do that. What a jerk and a coward.

  32. You can’t eat the meat they’re just killing these innocent animals!! For what? Because you have too much money & are bored? Poor baby!!

    • animals killed for meat are innocent animals also. let’s not be speciesist. killing an elephant or killing a chicken is still killing an individual who wanted to live.

  33. elephant tail, chicken breast….what’s the difference? seriously. yes, elephants are endangered but the brutality to a living being is the same. the meat on your plate also wanted to live.

  34. teresa williams

    Beautiful aminals, and the ass killed just to get the tail you are lower then life. Just plain hateful

  35. What an asshole. Just because you have money doesn’t give you the right to destroy a life. For a fucking tail????? This is so upsetting it doesn’t even begin to have words formulate the hate I have right now for this man…

  36. Ohhh…big bad brave hero. Let me guess, you brought down the elephant with your bare hands too?

  37. LeeAnn Jubenville

    Yeah This is the REASON your Father will NEVER be President!!!! You freaking Psychopath/Sociopath Daddy can pay for your treatment!!! Donald TRUMP You will NEVER be President… You can’t even control Your Family!!!!

  38. A family with wealth is not the problem. It’s what they do with their money and what they teach kids about money that is important. Many wealthy people support a lot of great causes and provide our cities and towns with monies to improve many situations. However, killing and mistreating these beautiful animals is criminal and should be treated as such. And frankly, i agree with your comments. This killing should be stopped sooner than later. Disgusting.

  39. wow, before we all start crucifying him, does anyone actually know what happened to the rest of the elephant? could it have been left for a village, maybe given to their guides people, neither is uncommon

  40. I can’t even talk about this, it’s just said and pathetic…..mostly pathetic

  41. Shoot the Trumps after cutting their front tails off!


  43. If we eliminate controlled big game hunting, that produces massive
    economic benefits (fees, permits, licenses, taxes, wages, profits, etc.), and culls the herd of old, sick, and sometimes dangerous animals, then all these big game animals go extinct within your lifetime. We’ve already seen it happen (south Asia, Russian steppes, American high plains, et al.).

    First, poachers will move in. The local government and local people will not get the economic benefits, and the animals will still be harvested, albeit illegally, and at an accelerated rate, without selection by game managers and biologists. The best animals will be killed off first, stunting the herd, accelerating their extinction.

    Second, local citizens, when they see there’s no more money from controlled hunting, will revert to killing off ALL big game to clear the land for agriculture (as humans do all over the world, including the ancestors of every single person reading this), because since they can’t buy food, they will need to grow it, raise it, and sell the surplus for profit. All those giant animal preserves in sub-Saharan Africa disappear when they become net negative items on the income statement and national balance sheet, because local governments and citizens will use the land for higher economic purposes, and there’s no room for large herds and apex predators when mankind is nearby, in need of sustenance.

    All we’ll have left, for a brief period, will be zoos, which have a poor track
    record at breeding, further stunting the gene pool until virtually all large game are extinct. And when they are all gone, the most guilty will be the hunting prohibitionists who do next to nothing, spend nothing, because they
    usually have nothing. Poor people rarely preserve anything of value. They only consume, or destroy.

    The true conservationists today are the hunters that pay for the privilege,
    and the businesses and governments that cater to that market. If not for “rich” hunters, apex predators and other big game will be gone soon.

    If you think you can do better, get our your checkbook. How much of YOUR personal income will you sacrifice to stop legal controlled hunting, knowing full well that the animals will still be killed, plus all the rest of the herds, making extinction guaranteed? Hunting in the USA is a $23,000,000,000 business, and we have a surplus of animals (result: stunting, higher insurance costs, more humans killed in highway accidents, etc.).

    Read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. This topic is covered extensively. None of this is “news” either. The smartest biologists and economists have known for half a century, and then some, that licensed hunting is the ONLY thing that would save our biodiversity.

  44. Pedro Ribeiro de Castro

    Donald Trump Jr….is a creep….

  45. Disgusting SOB. Somebody please shoot him.

  46. mattituckresident

    So very sad – what a dirt bag. Karma baby.

  47. I’d like to go Trump hunting.

  48. hunting is ok if a certain animal population needs to be held in check, or if someone lives off the land and needs to hunt for food (during hunting season, that is) , I don’t understand killing a cheetah or elephant for fun

  49. This is shocking, totally shocking and should be outlawed! Who the hell do these oxygen thieving, scumbags think they are?

  50. Denise Corcoran

    It’s beyond disgusting.

  51. Barbaric, narcissistic and shows a complete lack of empathy and care for the environment. I think that some of the more financially wealthy and influential people such as this character who bears the name Trump, is truly sick and does not realise that he is so sick. I hope that one day he has an experience that happens to him or one of his close family members that causes him great distress and pain and then perhaps he may grow a heart and a soul! He is a truly evil creature!

  52. Sick fuck, I will put a bullet in him.

  53. Ann-Kristine Jakobsen

    I would be ashamed to have a son like him. I hope Donald Trumph is not like that. What a moron.

  54. I don’t understand this kind of hunting. So very sad.

  55. Mich Gallagher

    Puttrid waste of rations. If I did anything with my experience in the military, I swore it would be to join a rangers batalion and stop shit like this happening. Absolutely fucking livid. Disgusted beyond words.

  56. He should be arrested and made to stand trial and given a long jail term, but the reality is so different, shameful shameful shameful man to firstly end the life of that beautiful free roaming creature and then to pose with its tail. When he is older and lonely this will come back to haunt him, hopefully every night when he lays in bed and can’t sleep and no-one will be there to comfort him. And hope it will be for a long period of his life.

  57. Wow, you people jump to the conclusion that he cut the tail off for fun from this two sentence article.

  58. See the picture up there. Yup, that’s the biggest loser on the face of the Earth.

  59. These seemingly wanton acts of ignorant cruelty could incite me to furiously bash their skulls in with their own gun butts…..and walk away feeling good about myself. It’s too bad my/our frustrations are wasted on them because I doubt it makes them think about their actions. What kind of mindset could make them want to brag about this by taking these callous pictures as if they had just won a blue ribbon? They’ll probably laugh about their own in-your-face arrogance and hop on their private jet back to the US to make an appearance on Daddy’s little show with all the famous “kiss-ass” people and the “GREATEST RATINGS IN REALITY TV EVER!!!!!!!” Truly annoying pretentious pieces of shit! Like father, like sons, but we (I’ve been as guilty of this as the next person) enable and encourage their privileged arrogance with our mindless viewer support and sheep-like acceptance of boorish opulence. No more! Boycotting all Trump-related endeavors from now on. Join me and watch their empires crash!

  60. The ambiguity of Celebrity Apprentice (“spit!”): Phoney hype, shameless self-promotion and subliminal advertising justified by raising money for charity. I imagine the moneys raised pales in comparison to the profits generated by the show. Anything goes when chasing the almighty dollar, a sad reality of today’s “western” sensibilities. These “trophy” photos reveal their ugly, soul-less true colours. And they might consider that a compliment!!

  61. and now they are killing trophies they can’t bring back…airlines are refusing to fly trophy kills now… so n
    ow they are just killing to see a living being just die

  62. These privileged Trump kids are in the enviable position to make a difference in our world but choose to shoot beautiful animals for sport instead. True, there is no shortage of animal cruelty throughout society but this is just such disgusting, flagrant disrespect for life by those who should know better. They’ve just orphaned these animals’ families for no justifiable reason, spreading more needless misery. I wonder if this is an extension of the ruthlessness of their father’s business instincts. Does this please ‘the Donald’? Make him proud?

  63. Tryin2figureitout

    Dear Donald Sr. Please please please take all of his money away.

  64. what a piece of shit………

  65. Not only is he heartless, he’s just plain stupid (doesn’t realize how inappropriate this is and how it will hurt people’s perception of him). He makes me ashamed to be a part of the human race. Despicable!

  66. TigerChampion1

    Definitely barbaric! There is NO need for anyone to be hunting the animals that the rest of us are trying so hard to defend! It’s bad enough that the poachers are decimating what’s left of the populations of wild elephants, rhinos, tigers, leopards, etc., we don’t need a bunch of entitled jerks going over there and killing these sentient beings for no good reason. A trophy is NOT a good reason! This is pure arrogance! This should be illegal everywhere, for everyone, no exceptions!

  67. the father a cheat, the son a double cheat , the only explanation, what the fucking cheat been can do something like that monster garbage mind

  68. Please excuse the following language but does anything say fucking loser anymore than this asshole??? He must have a very small penis if this makes him feel like the big man. Not all Americans have such an entitled and blatant disregard for other living creatures. Someone should cut off his appendage and keep it as a trophy….maybe a tooth f airy size box would hold it!

  69. Now there is a real man,killing elephants and leopards with a high powered rifle….these poor animals lives are difficult enough living day to day…and here you come along a shot them from far away…….be a real sport and why don’t you kill them with that bad ass nasty knife,that would truly be impressive………your a looser just like your dad….money does not make the man……

  70. What an IDIOT

  71. Carole Menninger

    Of course it is NOT OK!!! But “so-called” big game hunting makes big bucks for all those awful canned hunting places like Safari Club Int’l in Dallas, AND with their buddies in Congress who support these places, no legislation has ever been able to shut them down!!! Hundreds of thousands of exotic animals, from lions, tigers, bear, bobcats, rhinos and even elephants are slaughtered by these arrogant slimeballs from all over the world. But the U.S. boasts the highest number of these “hunters”. It is beyond time that this stop, but until more people speak up and demand it, and STOP voting for those in state and fed govts who support this, nothing will change!!! Congress has its own Congressional Sportsman Caucus and I would bet that many of them have killed an endangered species. SHAMEFUL SHAMEFUL OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

  72. Why does this remind me of the videos from ISIS/ISIL/IS , except that that Trumps are worshippers of the false dog (sic) MAMMOM, whilst the ISIS/ISIL/Si, whatever, are devoted to the false belief in one of the sons , maybe false myth, sons of Abraham. Phuque them all, Tumps and ISIS…. I wish to hell the elephants last muscular reaction to pain would’ve been to kick that bastard into the bush, so he could see how the knife holds up against a real predator (like himself for daddy or granddaddy) when you don’t have ‘backup’ and photogs around . Pissant !

  73. Coward bastards!

  74. Brenda Anderson-Bradshaw

    Please don’t blame “Americans.” It isn’t that…it’s a subculture of sociopathic hunters that do this. It’s a disgrace to most Americans. For example:

  75. what an asshole!

  76. castration of such animal murderers and psychopath should be enforced by law.

  77. Sandi Goldberg

    Barbaric! I cannot stand anyone who hunts for a trophy much less kills such an amazing creature as an elephant.

  78. I also fell for this BS story sourced by TMZ as they are the real scum here reporting only the parts of it that are designed to malign the reputations of people who are in the limelight & are fortunate enough to be able to afford to embark on such an adventure but not with the intention of hurting the animals. Take note of the 8th paragraph on page one that this was a hunting trip that took place in 2011 that was four years ago.

    Maybe this is an example of the very beginning of a smear against the Trump sons’ father who is considering a run for president next year, I don’t know but never the less on par with what they do in an attempt to destroy the reputations of celebrities that is unconscionable. We really have to be careful what we accept as the truth & once again I learned that.

  79. It’s like not enough those half naked locals running around and killing wild life, now supposedly “well educated” morons from US join that crowd! What a shame!

  80. Can this murderer be sued?I hope he will pay millions of dollars for his barbaric act!

  81. What a lowlife creep!

  82. Anyways...NEXT!

    What a POS just like his father!! Disgusting!! Too bad a wild animal did not attack him and eat him up!!

  83. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    WOuld have been a much better story if the elepjant had gotten ahold of Junior’s tail !

  84. Craig Chubbsthedj Lilley

    he needs to die ,,,just die…..elephants gotta love em ,,,,,,,

  85. No it is not right and it is not a joke. The nut did not fall far from that tree.

  86. Just as philanthropic as his father. Where would we be without them? I’d love to see a photo of an elephant holding one of Jr.’s dismembered parts (your choice) in it’s trunk. Maybe a snake bite will take him down on safari.

  87. Time Traveller

    What an idiot. Although, being raised by the king of comb overs had to leave deep psychological scars.

  88. I’m done. I’m done with the entire TRUMP cult. I’ll never watch The Apprentice again. I’ll never stay at a TRUMP anything. D O N E

  89. Someone needs to cut his weiner seenhow he like it

  90. I am seeing not one of you idiots read his side of the story just want to believe the crap that TMZ said read the article before you jump his case and make your crude comments I applaud him after I READ the article

  91. Michael J. Lister

    The barbaric fantasies in this thread are ironic

  92. He, like his father, is trash.

  93. This is old – which doesn’t make it right – but aren’t these safaris led by people who LIVE there?

  94. I hope y’all are vegetarians otherwise u are just as “ignorant an asshole” as he is to you…
    I know elephants and most of the predators isn’t used for food, but where do you think the meat in your stores freezers come from? -Oh, definitely not from slaughtered animals 🙂

    Have a nice day

  95. joy adeline chen

    Sicko too much money can make you insane, without compassion to those who are helpless and innocent.

  96. Trixie Meadows

    What asses! They obviously have no brains!

  97. Debra Elisabeth

    Fucking Trumps are heartless!!!! U two pieces of shit!!! BIG mistake for all ur businesses u dickheads!!

  98. so much money could not make of him a decent human being

  99. Joanne Goodman

    You are utterly disgusting. The tail is not some prize to be had. I’ll pray for you.

  100. thier day is coming…their punishment will be one that they wont get out of …and it wont be a light punishment either…GOD will make sure.. justice is done ..for all the evil they have done to the animals…!

  101. look like he is not a human…

  102. all hunter shall stop now fefore this are for late for beautiful animal– nex generation shall they only go on museum for look animal from 2015, ?????????????????????????????????????????????

  103. Wow just wow. How could any human being with even an ounce of compassion for living creatures even think to do such a thing or post such a pic? I love elephants ( and not just because I’m a Roll Tide Alabama football fan either!) and I think these animals are sacred entities. I’m a little of every emotion one could have right now on their dark side. Personally I think this should be illegal. I am sorry but to act accordingly disgraces his family TRUMP name.

  104. lelijke ziekelijk walgelijke soort dat niet de naam mensen van naam verdienen laat staan mannen.mannen en echte mensen doen zo iets niet en houden hun bezig met normale dingen of hobby ‘s.walgelijk soort en walgelijke mannen houden zich bezig met zo een walgelijke laag gezakte praktijken bezig.



  106. Bernard Classen

    Nice trophies well done young man

  107. I think its pretty obvious no one is going to con-graduate this clown.

  108. Who is this fool? Get him behind bars with the rest of this world’s murderers.

  109. James Honeyball

    Death on animals are only acceptable if it occurs naturally and not by the hand of a human being who are suppose the conserve the richness of nature.

  110. Gill Pendleton

    Why are the Zimbabwean authorities allowing this?

  111. what a nasty bastard .people stop buying trump

  112. It would be great if someone took that knife from the dildo and put into his tiny, infected heart!

  113. And his daddy wants to run for President…..????? Let us know how that works out for you. Assholes run deep in that family I see.

  114. I am so sick of these barbarians. Maybe, Trump Jr. and the Dentist should be lured out of their habitats, prodded, shot with a bow & arrow, left to suffer for 40 hours, return to shoot for their final kill, be-head, skin and cut off their tails. Hmmmmm……..pure disgust!! I would settle for bankrupting both of them which will get them where it really hurts in their sick minds.

  115. Kristal Chapman

    This I have money so I can do whatever I want to humanity and animals needs to end.

  116. I’m not sure why everyone is getting down on someone going on a paid safari hunt. You are all getting mad at the wrong people. Maybe you should get a list of names of the thousands of people that go each year to one of these so you can post all their names but getting mad at a Trump for going on a hunting safari makes no sense. This is just one of the places that offers these hunts.

  117. I though killing certain things like an elephant was illegal? .

  118. They can’t go a and kill your precious wildlife without your consent. So STFU.

  119. I don’t understand how ANYONE can kill an animal for fun…

  120. Well, you allow these sickos into your country to kill your precious wildlife, so what else can you expect?

  121. Trump couldn’t care less about animals well-being….. His as*hole sons are trophy hunters, and his wife and daughter wear furs…He will never get my vote for president.

  122. If the wind is right and you approach and elephant quietly you can pull hair out of its tail. Elephants are Africa’s most majestic animals but their eyesight is very bad. Its is not brave to shoot an Elephant. It is an act of cowardice unless you use the knife of Trump, jump on its back and kill it like a man. Our leopards are rare and the most beautiful of all African cats. Kudu bulls are prime antelope and are best left alive for all to appreciate. Trump please use a bow next time you kill a buffalo and make sure that you do not have a professional hunter with you just in case you need help in killing a defenseless beast. I see that Trump junior uses a telescopic sight on his rifle as he is too scared to get close up and personal with his victims. Trump your father is a magic man but you are a clown. Please do not come to Africa again.

  123. Deon van der Westhuizen

    I don’t hunt. I think it is stupid. But hunting (and it’s spin offs) in Africa provides a livelihood for thousands of poor Africans. And hunting has helped to protect wildlife. The hunting establishment does look better after it’s animals than any African government. The hunting trade is not secret. Not like the bush meat industry between UK and Nigeria.

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