Don’t forget, to everything there is a season

Bishop Dr B. Manjoro Dunamis
I advise you to have eyes that see. Eyes that look are common but those that see are rare. You must now have eyes that see beyond the limitation. Ecclesiastics 3; 1 reads “to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven”. Everything, as long as it is a thing has a season, whatever you go through will soon end. Even our enemy the devil knows this fact. That is why he is crazy because his time is up.

Now if you understand the season you are in, you will do what is necessary for you to come out, that way you won’t come out bruised. Seasons don’t ask for one’s opinion but it’s up to you to realise were you are standing, if in prosperity you have the wisdom like Joseph to prepare for the next season.

Many people are still caught up in their past seasons, we are in winter but you will see someone not wearing a jersey. The weather will remind you of the cold season that is surrounding you. Even birds flow with the season, trees shed their leaves in winter, and things come and go but learn to stand on the word of God.

In dry seasons walk by faith, there is a time that whatever you see cannot help you but stand firm telling yourself that the desire of my heart will be accomplished.

It’s no longer a time to get frightened but to leave the natural and operate supernaturally, no more speaking contrary words to what you wish for.

I have come with this question, ‘’what season are you in’’? Speak not of what is happening either but keep on declaring even if it’s not reasonable.

We are now in a new season henceforth speaking accordingly is essential. Listen, when it’s hard you will do what makes you to go forward.

God is a God of the impossible, never lose hope and never give up, winter will soon go, for summer is coming. Just leaving without knowing your cause is a problem because when you know your purpose you won’t waver.

The purpose of your life was there before you but if you are ignorant to it then you will go round and round missing your destination.

Now if you know, even if the river is flooded, you will wait for it to subside and you will pass through.

This is a season of seeing things, physical eyes see closed gates but spiritual eyes see beyond the horizon; at this time the latter eyes are of paramount importance for they see things far before they happen.

Open them widely, those that have been dreaming, now you must see visions, wake up and see where we are. It’s a season were God is moving among people, were we must talk of the supernatural, and yes, seasons are three to four months. How did yours expand?

You already got out of winter Sir, remove that jersey and enjoy the sun, it is a season of mighty visitation; don’t let it pass you by. Before the resurrection Sunday years back, the man leading the service said that when you go home pray saying ‘’Jesus, tomorrow rise up in my heart’’.

I did likewise on my way home, knelt on the small bed, and then I started uttering those words louder and louder. Suddenly I saw at the door Jesus standing there with open arms, his face shining like the sun.

He picked up speed as fast as lightning and came to me, I don’t know what happened there but I found myself on the floor at around 4am, with tears all over.

I want to assure you that God can visit you anywhere you live, do not look at what you have in your house, He is not a respecter of persons. He brings with Him fresh fire, if you desire this kind of an encounter, make that same prayer I made. I promise you He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Say Jesus, rise up in my heart, there is an open heaven, just reach out

Mark 10; 27, for with God all things are possible

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