The drama unfolded when Dr Vera`s girlfriend who is based 400 km away paid him a visit at his house in Oxford to deliver a valentine present. The woman who spoke to News of The South had presented her story about things not adding up with her boyfriend Dr Vera. Saturday night saw the girlfriend and News Of The South visit Dr Vera at his house to clarify issues.

On arrival at the house Mrs Vera answered the door while Dr Vera was upstairs. Mrs Vera welcomed the visitors into the house and after talking about the weather for a few minutes she finally asked how the visitors knew Dr Vera. She was informed that Dr Vera was the boyfriend of woman who had been trying to get hold of him for the last few days but was not going through as her number appeared to have been blocked from Dr Vera`s two mobile phones.

The visit had been prompted by the lack of communication and also the girlfriend wanted to deliver a valentine present for Dr Vera, the present was comprised of four pairs of underwear, perfume and a valentine card. Mrs Vera said she also wanted the present because: “My husband did not give me any valentine`s day present so I would also like to share this present with him”.

Mrs Vera was told about the affair and how her husband had been going around being introduced to the woman`s friends and family and how he had told them he was making preparations to marry her. On hearing that Mrs Vera told the visitors that she was married to Doctor Vera and that she had been married for 12 years.

“I know my husband and I have seen it all during the years. My husband has several children with other woman as he has many girlfriends and women in his life “she narrated. “Whatever happens from now all my children are covered so I don’t have any worries”. “As you can see in my house there aren’t any pictures because I packed my things and moved back to Zimbabwe a few years ago. I only returned three days ago” she explained.

The above explanation shed light on why the girlfriend had been blocked a few days before because Mrs Vera had returned from Zimbabwe. At that point Mrs Vera went upstairs to call her husband who refused to come downstairs and the two could be heard arguing upstairs. After a few minutes Mrs Vera came downstairs alone saying; I know you my husband very soon it will be time for you to go to work so you shall come downstairs by yourself whether you like it or not”.

Within five minutes Dr Vera came downstairs all clad in a grey suit ready for work. The Dr was visibly shaken and sat down while the visitors greeted him. News of The South crew introduced themselves to Dr Vera upon telling him they were working on a story concerning his affair with his girlfriend. “Feel free to write the story I don’t care” said Dr Vera.

Mrs Vera asked him when he was getting married to his girlfriend yet he was already married. He then said he said seen his girlfriend only twice and he described her as a parasite. News Of The South reminded Dr Vera that they were in possession of a lot of evidence indicating that he had been involved in the affair with his girlfriend for more than a year.

A shaking Dr Vera stood up and became abusive shouting and demanding that the visitors leave his house. “I am going to call the police you had better leave now before I ring the police. News of the South urged Dr Vera to remain calm and reminded him that the visitors had been allowed in the house and welcomed by the wife so they had not done anything wrong as there was no forced entry into his home. He was also told that the visitors would be leaving. Mrs Vera then took the valentine present from her husband`s girl friend saying” I will take this present for myself since my husband did not get me a valentine present”.

When the visitors were leaving the house Dr and Mrs Vera both came to the door where Mrs Vera prevented Dr Vera from stepping outside the house saying: “ You are not going outside, how do I know Maybe you want to say something to your Girlfriend”. They both went back inside the house and shut the door with Mrs Vera saying: “Don`t ever come back here again”. When News of The South crew returned to the car together with Dr Vera`s girlfriend they had just sat in the car when Dr Vera bolted out of the house with Mrs Vera right behind him. Dr Vera was running and violently shouting heading to the car with clenched fists and he looked like he was planning to attack someone.

He was heading to the passenger side where one News Of The South crew member was sitting. The driver was instructed to start the car and there was drama as Dr Vera rushed towards the car in the middle of the road, he then took a dive for the passenger door car handle and missed it as the driver took off and left him standing in the middle of the road. This behaviour was strange as he had asked the visitors out of the house but was now following them to the car together with his wife.

At the beginning of valentine`s week Dr Vera had driven for 400km to spend time with his girlfriend and had indicated he wanted sex without condoms because the woman was now Just as good as his wife as he “was about to marry her and would soon put a ring on her finger”. It turned out that Dr Vera`s wife who was in Zimbabwe was about to come back so that had prompted him to visit his girlfriend before the wife arrived. Background information Vera and girl friend had been going our for one year and a half and during that time Dr Vera had lied to the girlfriend that he was single.

They often met in London where Dr Vera booked hotels and most of the times he visited the girlfriend 400km away. The affair had started when The woman was introduced to Dr Vera by fellow Zimbabwean lawyer Kudzayi Rangarirayi, known as “Ranga” who also resides in Oxford. When he introduced the two he had confirmed to the woman that Dr Vera was single. On numerous occasions the woman had asked Ranga if Dr Vera was really single as she had a lot of unanswered questions but Ranga had insisted that he was single. He told her many times that Dr Vera loved her and was planning to marry her. Considering Ranga`s position as a lawyer and being known to the woman his statements were believed to be true. The woman who is now confused and very traumatised expressed her pain of having been lied to and having her time wasted. She told News Of The South that she intended to go to the sexual health clinic to get checked out for any infection as she was shocked by her “fiancés” behaviour and habit of sleeping with numerous women which meant that all the women he was in contact with as well as his wife were at risk. The woman plans to sue Dr Vera for damages caused and wasting her time.

Background Information.
Dr Vera Zimbabwean Medical Doctor Leading A double Life In the UK

A UK based Zimbabwean GP, Dr Godfrey T Vera who lives in Oxford and a GP at Whitehall Medical Practice lives a double life. Despite his profession and being married for 12 years with two daughters, Dr Vera pretends to be single and engage in unprotected sex with several women whom he promises to marry. The player GP who does not wear a ring or talk about his two daughters must have been playing this game for a while until February this year when his girlfriend of more than a year paid him a surprise visit at his home with a valentine present and met his wife.

Dr Vera’s wife of 12yrs, (Mrs Vera) confirmed his recklessness to News Of The South that her husband sleeps around with several women and there are other kids fathered by Dr Vera outside their marriage. “This is not new to me, I have been there before with other women he has been sleeping with and there are also other children out there” said Mrs Vera.

This came as a surprise to the pregnant girlfriend who trusted and believed that Vera was single and they had a future together. The girlfriend who is now depressed and going through counselling told News of the South that she has been in a relationship with Vera for more than a year and they were crazy about each other. There were no signs of another woman as Vera was always working and even struggled to create time for their relationship. She thought Vera cherished her and he described the time he spent with her as magical according to the evidence from their whats app conversations. He always assured her that she was the only woman in his life and of course his mother. “Inini newe tinonzwisisana, it’s always magical when I’m with you darling, we are a perfect match”, said Vera according to the evidence on their whats app chats. This made the poor woman to fall in love with him and thought he was the one.

But suspicions came towards christmas when they had planned to spend the festive season together but all of a sudden Vera told her that he was going to spend christmas with his sister in Canada but instead he was in Zimbabwe with wifey. The girlfriend described how miserable and lonely she was during christmas because Vera was not even reachable until New Year’s Eve when he eventually called her trying to cover up. It was at the same time a message came through whats app from Vera’s number by an anonymous person claiming to be Vera’s wife threatening the girlfriend to stay away. Vera quickly texted and rang the girlfriend apologising that it was a drunk slut who was chasing him after a night out with friends in Canada.

It was at this point the girlfriend started investigating him and found out that his name appears on the UK marriage registrar and also that he runs an employment and clinical services with the same woman who appeared as his spouse. More evidence came through that the same woman, Sukholuhle Gumede was arrested last year for drinking and driving and she used the name Mrs Vera. He denied all this and told the girlfriend that all was in the past and his relationship or marriage with that woman was a joke and it was over a long time ago. He blamed the system for not having up to date information about him. He also claimed that he was intending to tell her about his past at the right time when he gets her a ring.

A day before Valentine`s Eve, Vera visited his girlfriend at her home to make up and apologise for all the trouble he had put her through but still didn’t tell her the truth about his marital status. As usual they spent some quality time and he was extra nice. On valentine’s day he sent her a romantic message and she sent him a surprise present which was refused and returned to her aa few days later. When she tried to contact him and find out what happened, she realised she was now blocked on his whats app and all his numbers. This is when she realised that she has been taken for a ride and a fool. It was a tough period for her, she even got involved in a car accident around that period because her situation. She decided to pay him a surprise visit to get to the bottom of the matter accompanied by News of the South as she suspected that there was going to be some drama, and for sure there was.

Vera’s girlfriend who lives 400km away from Oxford where Vera lives, told News of the South that she has learnt a big lesson about a long distance relationships. She is heartbroken and she wants to share her story with other single women out there who might fall for this kind of scum.

The woman is so sure that Vera is used to this game and he will be on his next victim soon. “Ladies make sure you know who are dating, no matter how educated, convincing or successful he is, he could be the devil. I feel like I shared my life with a devil and I can’t believe that a year and a half of my life was spent with a man full of deceit, ‘kudzidza hakuperi’. I also blame myself for not being careful, I remember at the beginning of the relationship there was a bitter woman who threw a drink at us in a club in Coventry and Vera pretended he didn’t know her.

Dr Vera's house and car