Drama at MDC-T structures in Byo

There was indeed drama in Bulawayo’s Magwegwe constituency as Gift Banda calls for elections and subsequently canceled them and imposed Anele at the expense of the electorate.

Banda announced at province that Chamisa Imposed Anele Ndebele in Magwegwe and they would be no primary elections. This announcement by Banda claiming that Anele had been annointed by Chamisa is tantamount to treason. It is betrayal at its best. The people are being treated as fools. This would promote bhora musango.

Elections were scheduled for Saturday 26 May. The announcement of the elections was made 24 hours before the elections. There was less time to prepare for the elections. This is clearly a case of poor communication on the part of the provincial leadership. Rules of notice are seven days before election but they were fraudulently flouted by the provincial chairperson. This was so because of a hidden agenda on the part of Gift Banda. Indeed Gift Banda is working for Khupe to undermine Chamisa in Bulawayo. Chamisa vehemently denied.  Banda was then seen with ballot meant for Magwegwe in his office. Why do you have Ballot paper Mr. Banda, just a day after Zvidzayi was seen in Bulawayo. Zvidzayi works in the election office and we’ll know for rigging across the country in a bid to remove people that are seen to be potential threat to top leadership or not strategically sound to Khupe winnings.

The elections where scheduled to be at Anele Ndebele’s girlfriend ‘s house. This was what  Gift Banda had announced. After an appeal by the candidates the elections were moved to the football ground. At 12 mid night, Banda send a singme TEXT message to cancel elections scheduled for Saturday morning.

The elderly people show up at the venue intending to vote for their candidates of choice. Around 300 people are seen milling around the election venue oblivious of the fact that the elections have been cancelled by a single text message by Gift Banda. When the word that the elections have been canceled reached the residents they trooped back home shaking their heads in a show of dejection and angry to this betrayal by the Bulawayo provincial leadership.
Banda eventually sends a word that Chamisa has actually imposed Anele Ndebele and no election was to be held for Magwegwe constituency.

It is true that people of Magwegwe do not want Anele. He does not reside in Magwegwe. Initially they claimed that elections had been canceled because Anele was having exams now they claim Chamisa has imposed him. Thus Truely a farce on the part of the people’s movement. Indeed the people of Magwegwe need to have a candidate of their choice not this charlatan who has been imposed by Banda. Chamisa made a speech to state that he won’t impose or protect anyone. Done he speak and act differently?
But Banda is also a well known Liar and would name drop use the president’s name to get what he wants. Charlton Whende was doing the same Using the Presidents name and a statement was issued by president Chamisa that those who use his name will be fired.  Expect Banda to be fired if he lied.

This trend of treachery and imposition has been rife in many constituencies. This is a very dangerous situation. If not handled properly the bhora musango phenomenona is gripping the country. Both Zanu-PF and MDC Alliance would lose out to new kids on the block especially *ZIPP and NPF* which is focused and clearly articulating what they wants to do for the people.

MDC-T leadership should smell the coffee now or else lose the battle completely.

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