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Drama at Small house baby shower as maiguru gatecrashes

A Borrowdale Brooke business woman appeared dressed in black at an all white baby shower suspected to have been organised by her husband ‘s small house in Malbereign on Saturday.

Tsitsi Mutanga who is legally married to businessman Bernard Mutanga gatecrashed Chiedza Sundayi ‘s all white baby shower accusing her of squandering money meant for her children’s school fees.

Guests were left shocked after Tsitsi took advantage of the unlocked gate and entered the house to express her anger over Chiedza ‘s illicit affair with Bernard.The incident took place at House No.19 Jansen Road Sentosa in Malbereign where Chiedza ‘s friend lives.

Tsitsi told H-metro that her actions were caused by messages sent by Chiedza to her bragging that she is after squandering Bernard’s money.

“Chiedza has become a thorn in my children’s flesh and is up to destroying their lives by disturbing their education,”said Tsitsi showing letters from their schools indicating amounts of money they are supposed to pay by the end of November.

“I had to negotiate with all three schools’ authorities where my children are after failing to pay school fees whilst Bernard and Chiedza are busy selling our assets for a lavish life.

“From the 12 posh vehicles we used to own he lost all of them to people he failed to pay back promising residential stands.

“I stood to fight for almost 20 residential stands we owned but Bernard is selling them behind my back squandering the money with Chiedza.

“I approached the court of law to evict him for bringing several girlfriends home and I appeared with Chiedza at the high court after I caught her driving my car.

“Chiedza brags of squandering money with my husband sending insulting messages and photographs of her and my husband enjoying food whilst my children are suffering.

“As we speak the schools have engaged debt collectors that they want to come and attach property since the address used is where I am living with my children.

“Bernard ari kupedzera mari achichengeta sango risina charinomupa asi anofaira kuziva kuti pabva zino panosara vende chero katenga regoridhe harisi repo.

“He is being forced to pay lobola by Chiedza and is the one who organised the party for her by squandering more money meant for fees.

“My biggest problem with him is that he must let me go so that he can start his life with he new wife and kid and that they can work for their own upkeep than squandering my money and the children’s inheritance.

“He used to fight with our first-born over bringing girlfriends at the house leading me to seek a protection order and I evicted him so he is after selling all that we acquired.

“Bernard must agree to approach the High court for divorce and is refusing to do that before selling all the assets we acquired,he is so cruel,” said Tsitsi.

When H-metro arrived at the all white party guests were keen to be taken photographs unaware that Chiedza who is expecting a child next month was being confronted by an uninvited guest.Chiedza promised to give her side of the story after consulting Bernard and by the time of going to print she was still to comment as her mobile went unanswered.

Bernard confirmed his illicit affair with Chiedza saying he is responsible for the baby carried by the latter although he was not aware of the all white party.

“Titsi akandiramba kare saka anetswa nei kuzoenda kuparty yaasina kukokwa,imbwa inodya marutsi ayo here,”said Bernard.

“She approached the courts for divorce to show that she is no longer interested in me and we separated in 2010.

“My relationship with Chiedza is now four years old and Tsitsi knows it because at one time she took her before the courts of law over driving one of our cars.

“She must leave me alone and not force me to go to the high court for divorce although i will finally divorce legally.

“if that story is published it will affect my residential projects in Glenview because I am a businessman who runs Benwin Developing Company,”said Bernard.

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