Drama as husband basher faints before trial


Sukoluhle Ndlovu, Midlands Correspondent
THERE was drama at Gweru’s Magistrates Court last Monday when a woman, who allegedly teamed up with her boyfriend to assault her husband and was due for trial fainted and had to be taken to hospital by an ambulance.

Samantha Nzira who was due for trial, together with her co-accused and boyfriend Nkosilathi Ngulube, gave court officials a torrid time as they tried in vain to resuscitate her. The two are facing assault charges for bashing Nzira’s husband, Mr Ottis Chikoto.

Before the fainting incident Sunday News witnessed Nzira shouting obscenities at her husband, attracting a crowd at the court premises. She was accusing Chikoto of using juju on her.

“I did not want to get married to you and you know it. But you had to use juju so that l could marry you. You only married me because you wanted my money since you are paid peanuts at your workplace,” said Nzira.

Mr Chikoto dismissed Nzira’s fainting as just an act to delay the trial.

“She is just acting to delay the trial. She has never had such a problem before and I have known her for more than five years.

She thinks the court will acquit her on the basis that she is not fit to stand trial,” said the seemingly unfazed Mr Chikoto.

Nzira’s alleged boyfriend, Ngulube who was also present at the court premises said Nzira was suffering from seizures.

“She suffers from seizures and it happens every time she gets angry. The seizures usually last for about five minutes and then she becomes normal. I am surprised her husband doesn’t even know that,” said Ngulube.

Ngulube and Nzira were recorded in a video assaulting Mr Chikoto. The video went viral on social media.

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