E-cigarettes the in-thing in town

For some reason, e-cigarettes have become trendy in the 21st century, which have seen them overtaking traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are a rapidly emerging and diversified product.

These devices typically deliver nicotine, flavourings, and other additives to users via an inhaled aerosol.
These devices are referred to by a variety of names, including “e-cigs”, “e-hookahs”, “mods”, “vape pens”, “vapes”, “tank systems” and “electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)”.

With the numerous designs they come in, they are just too attractive for one to walk past without noticing. Some e-cigarettes look like regular cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.
Some look like USB flash drives, pens and other everyday items.

Smoking e-cigars is the trend and everybody wants to try it out.
They are not harsh like traditional tobacco fags, and the flavours make smoking them a pleasure that most people would not do without.

In an interview Sydney Hambira, who is in the business of buying and selling these electronic cigarettes told The Herald Lifestyle that e-cigarettes are battery-operated devices, which heat a liquid into an aerosol that the user inhales.

The liquid usually has nicotine, which comes from tobacco; flavouring and other additives.
E-cigarettes often look like regular cigarettes, although their appearance can vary widely.

He said he has been in this business for a while and added that e-cigarettes are popular among teens, and are now the most commonly used form of fags among youths not only in Zimbabwe, but across the world.
“I have been in this business for almost two years now.

Though most response is coming from youths, these cigars are meant for everyone who smokes.
These cigarettes are affordable. Because the prices are flexible, everyone can manage to buy them,” he said.
Hambira said vaping gives an added luxury of saying goodbye to unpleasant taste from traditional cigarettes, because they come in huge assortment of flavours one can choose from.

There is no doubt that there will be a flavour for everyone’s taste buds. “Vaping doesn’t emit smoke, instead it emits a smoke-like vapour.
Usually condensed water vapour.

Best part is, it’s completely odourless. You get to enjoy smoking and the pleasant taste from those flavours, and the rest of the world doesn’t have to be bothered by an unpleasant smell,” he said.
Though a few shops are selling them in this country, these cigarettes are topping the streets’ list of wares, with some even placing orders and paying online.

Hambira said he is mobile, meaning he takes orders on social media, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and he offers free delivery to his customers as long as they are in Harare.
“We are working on our first website. We have been looking for a place to rent in the CBD, but we have our business page on social media where people can send a message, or call us if they want to buy, and we offer free delivery too.”

When asked where they get these cigarettes from Hambira said they are not homemade, instead they import them from foreign countries like China.

For people like Hambira these electronic cigarettes are marketable, despite the fact that the economy has not been friendly lately, and every business has been going through its ups and downs.

Hambira said most health experts agree that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional rollups, which is one of their major advantages among others.

“Some researches have approved e-cigarettes as a safe or effective method to help someone quit smoking.
Linda Marima is a 23-year-old female, who puffs on electronic cigarettes, said she was a non-smoker, but because she loved the flavours that comes with e-cigarettes, she became a smoker.

“I started smoking vapes, because l enjoyed the mesmerising flavours that makes your mouth smell nice; in fact I smoke for fun, because with these cigars it’s just inhaling and blowing smoke in the air.
My favourite flavour is lemon and lime, which I bought in South Africa.

“Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, vapes don’t give you bad breath or yellow teeth.
They also last longer. They come with a full flavoured bottle that can be refilled.”
Marima also indicated that for her electronic cigarettes are not addictive: “Smoking electronic cigars will not get a person intoxicated (unless they are using other things like marijuana).

A person feels a little whiny and light headed, and they will definitely feel relaxed.”
Traditional cigarettes have found their new opponent.

E-cigarettes or vapes have made a huge dent on the tobacco industry. They allow traditional smokers the option to eliminate the harmful substances they inhale. Vaping allows people to save on their hard-earned money, while helping the body improve its circulation without being flooded by toxic chemicals, because it does not produce carbon monoxide.

The best part is all that dangerous tar and tobacco that take the place of oxygen within the bloodstream, specifically in red blood cells, will no longer play a factor.

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