ED Bribed Renamo Bandit With US$2,000 When an AK Rifle Was Pointed On His Head – Son

President Emmerson Mnangagwa tossed a US$2,000 bribe into the hands of a Renamo bandit who had pointed an AK rifle on his head during his famous escape from then President Robert Mugabe in November last year.

This was revealed by the new President’s son, Mnangagwa Junior while giving a riveting account of how the then Vice President skipped the country hours after he had been sacked from government by Mugabe.

It has also emerged the country’s number one was a prolific baby-making machine who has fathered 18 children.

Mnangagwa was fired as VP by Mugabe in November last year on alleged “disloyalty, disrespect, deceitfulness and unreliability”.

His sacking was a culmination of intense vilification by Mugabe’s wife, Grace who persistently accused him of harbouring a plot to dethrone her husband.

When he got fired, Mnangagwa lost no time in making good his widely publicised escape to South Africa via the Mozambican border.

In an interview with an international publication concerning details of the great escape, Mnangagwa Jr (33) narrated how he and his fugitive dad traversed landmine infested, rocky mountains in the Zimbabwe and Mozambican border area with the country’s security agents on the trail.

In one of the most scary moments of his escape, a Renamo bandit ambushed the fleeing party with a gun pointed straight at someone who would later become Zimbabwe’s most powerful man in a fortnight.

“Suddenly there was this Renamo bandit with an AK-47 which he pointed at my dad’s head,” Mnangagwa Junior told the publication, adding that the now State leader handed the bandit $2,000 from a briefcase of bank notes. Mnangagwa Jr did not reveal any further details of the ordeal.

Renamo was the losing side in Mozambique’s civil war decades ago but its remnants linger on.

The paper says Mnangagwa has sired 18 children although not stating its source and from how many wives.

The President’s bed hopping habits have been a matter of public record although there has not been any tangible evidence put forward to prove the rumours.

Self-exiled former Higher and tertiary Education Minister Jonathan Moyo once claimed Mnangagwa was responsible for Godfrey Majonga’s disability after he had forced the former Zimbabwe Media Commission boss to jump down a Harare residential flat when the two had clashed at a lover’s place.

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