ED, Zanu-PF Have Absolutely Nothing to Hide

When we reflect on our days as children and the games we used to play, in most cases hide and seek appears to rank extremely high on the list. The main reason could be the adventurous nature of the game itself, or some of its other rather intriguing aspects like running and tracking your opponents.

As adults the tendencies adopted and associated with this childish game, in many cases create a multitude of problems, especially if you are accused of hiding the truth, connected to real life situations.

From the moment that President Mnangagwa assumed the mantle of political leadership in Zimbabwe, US-EU imperialism has been extremely uncomfortable, with the ruling party’s approach to engaging them diplomatically.

Because our former colonisers and enslavers have never called the shots in Zimbabwe, since independence was emphatically declared 38 years ago, they have been reduced to the position of window shoppers on the outside looking in.

Regardless of the political and economic hardships Zimbabwe has endured, that are a by-product of US-EU sanctions, this dynamic automatically magnifies the nation’s electoral process.

During the tenure of former president Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe countered the political heresy of US-EU imperialism by adopting and maintaining a closed door policy when it came to invitations to observe Presidential, parliamentary and local government elections on the ground.

After the nation had the opportunity to completely digest the rapid political dispensation process, President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF immediately devised a foolproof strategy, to shatter the myths concerning how everything actually transpired on the ground.

This included everything from overcoming amateurish and dishonest claims, stemming from pseudo radical and progressive voices in the West claiming an all-out coup d’etat occurred, and that the land reclamation and indigenisation programmes were being scrapped altogether.

The manner that President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF have handled this angle being propagated by the US-EU imperialist apparatus is by inviting US-EU imperialism to come and observe the upcoming elections, which our former colonisers and enslavers will never openly admit caught them completely off- guard

Since US-EU imperialism’s invested so much time demonising former president Mugabe, going back to the days of Zimbabwe’s Second Chimurenga, key governmental policymakers in the US-EU imperialist apparatus have been forced to adopt a wait-and-see approach concerning how to deal with President Mnangagwa.

When US Senators Christopher Coons and Jeff Flake recently visited Zimbabwe and implied that lifting US-EU sanctions could depend on how the upcoming elections are conducted, the two main responses by Africans both at home and in the Diaspora was “Hold your horses” and “Who do they think they are fooling?”

Thanks to the track record of our former colonisers and enslavers that if measured by length, would extend from the planet Earth to the Milky Way, the children of Mother Africa at home and abroad are very clear what US-EU imperialism is seeking to accomplish in Zimbabwe.

Because US-EU imperialism approach to presidential politics inside their own borders places such a strong emphasis on individuals, which is after all at the root of capitalist culture and values, this compromises their ability to function on the world stage.

This dynamic reveals that US-EU imperialism’s regime change policy concerning Zimbabwe will always exclusively target Zanu-PF as a party, because the biggest threat to their interest is a political entity with an astute veteran leadership, who has overcome all of their dirty tricks.

The US State Department might as well post a banner on their website that reads “Yesterday Mugabe, Today Mnangagwa, Down with ZANU-PF”, especially since it is no secret that the plan is to maintain US-EU sanctions as long as Zanu-PF remains in power.

Their problem is the predictability and staleness of their narrative, which President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF have brilliantly exposed in open like food on a restaurant buffet or flesh that cannot be covered by a swimsuit worn at the beach.

For the last 17 years US-EU imperialism has defiantly propagated the notion that the sanctions are merely a measure that only targets a select handful of individuals, only to ensure that they not abuse political power and the rule of law. However, Senators Flake and Coons on the world stage stated this was the key bargaining point of Zimbabwe’s elections.

These type of political situations should teach Africans in the Diaspora who have either capitulated to US-EU imperialism or spent an eternity showcasing our individual and collective excellence, hoping this would lead to equal treatment and other political benefits, that the element of surprise will always be our best weapon on the battlefield.

The dilemma that faces our former colonisers and enslavers is when it comes to identifying political allies in Africa, Asia, the Carribean and Latin America, US-EU imperialism has always had a pervertic and unhealthy fascination with violent, ruthless and greedy heads of states, who due to exhibiting these characteristics are indeed their extensions and willing servants in every sense of the word.

Another fatal blow to US-EU imperialism’s regime change agenda in Zimbabwe is that the political gangsterism and thuggery they have continuously attempted to associate with Zanu-PF now is the dominant expression of their very own political creation – the Movement for Democratic Change.

When former Zimbabwean parliamentarian and MDC founder of European ancestry Ambassador Trudy Stevenson was viciously attacked by her own members 12 years ago, US-EU imperialism looked the other way, today another MDC founder member who is a Washington and London favourite with unlimited access Caucasian biological make-up Mr David Coltart has been forced to come out and call the MDC process shocking and distasteful.

What US-EU imperialism realises is their Zimbabwe regime change agenda is more compromised than ever before for a multitude of reasons.

There is an undeniable conflict with a poem by one of England’s most celebrated poets during the Victorian era, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, entitled “How Do I Love Thee” that begins with the title “How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways”.

With the opposition US-EU imperialism created in shambles and tatters, and 400 civil society groups who have survived primarily because of funding from the National Endowment for Democracy, the National Democratic Institute ,The Open Society Initiative and International Republican Institute led by Carl Gershman, Madeline Albright, George Soros and John McCain

By the way, it was extremely amusing to see the son of MDC founder David Coltart, Douglas Coltart, pictured in an article written by Columbus Mavhunga entitled “Fired striking nurses resume work”. Since CNN is certainly not an ally of President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF, we are thankful that they caught young Mr Coltart’s hand in the cookie jar continuing the work he began when working as an Uhuru Fellow for the International Republican Institute.

If these nurses went to the US and British embassies and protested US-EU sanctions on Zimbabwe, young Mr Coltart and his father would have been on CNN stating that they were coerced by President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF to carry out this act in order to maintain their employment.

We remember the lucidity of the Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad when advising Brother Malcolm that we should always give our people a choice, the analogy used was putting the clean glass next to the dirty glass.

When and if US-EU imperialism sends delegations to Zimbabwe for the purpose of observing the upcoming elections, let us keep in mind they will be next to the AU and Sadc observers, part of the decolonisation process is deciding who is better qualified and invested in analysing elections in Africa.

Zimbabwe also has at its disposal an invaluable human resource, former Zimbabwean Ambassador to the USA Dr Simbi Mubako, who is also an honorary elder to Comesa, whose analysis of Kenya’s previous presidential elections received continent-wide approval.

President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF have absolutely nothing to hide from our former colonisers and enslavers. In the words of Brother Malcolm whether it is the ballot or the bullet, we are more than qualified to wage combat.

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