ED’s charisma charms the youths

Gibson Nyikadzino Correspondent
Under the new dispensation, our youths should be proud of their leaders who afford them the space to air their grievances and explore ways to harness opportunities.

It is unlike in the previous administration where the youths organised interface rallies, but were not given the chance to speak their issues thoughtfully.

At youth rallies led by expelled Kudzanai Chipanga at the peak of the G40 cabal, the youths were mere cheer leaders and spectators.

They were largely controlled by their handlers – Professor Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao and Mrs Grace Mugabe.

The collapse of the “once powerful” G40 cabal of quislings was almost predictable because they did not have the people’s mandate.

In the old order, youths were used as pawns to settle scores.

Under former president Robert Mugabe, the youths were used to mobilise people through intimidation and coercion.

Even older men and women at the youth rallies smiled when Mrs Mugabe rubbished national values and ethos that define Zimbabwe, declaring; “I am the wife of the President.”

Instead of giving the youths time to articulate their issues and concerns, then president Mugabe was fond of attacking people whom he perceived as enemies.

He even declared to his opponents that their days were numbered in “my party”.

ZANU-PF is an institution that has people’s aspirations at heart. No single person has rights over others when it comes to the party.

The youths under Chipanga made a litany of blunders.

They attacked war veterans and ridiculed the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

They failed to respect the role of war veterans for ending white settler colonial rule.

In short, the Chipanga-led youths were not genuine in their activities.

They were fake and criminal.

They harboured infiltrators who wanted to destroy the revolutionary party from within.

They were basically anti-revolutionary both in outlook and by the way they operated.

But today’s youths have been schooled and educated to respect the values of a new democratic dispensation.

Under President Mnangagwa, the youths have found new hope and inspiration.

The President has instilled hope and inspiration among the youths.

The youth are excited about the democratic space they now have. They are now enjoying political inclusion and freedom of expression among other rights.

President Mnangagwa’s fight for freedom for Zimbabwe started when he was very young and yet he hardly trumpets about it.

He has acknowledged that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow because there is no power like the power of youth because their power does not stop!

President Mnangagwa fully understands that the future of Zimbabwe lies in the hands of the youths.

At last Thursday’s Zanu-PF Youth League National Convention in Gweru, he remarked that there was a new Sheriff in town and that it was no longer business as usual.

President Mnangagwa did not abuse, attack or raise insinuations that showed intolerance.

He holds a strong belief that there is so much power in youths because young people, under the guidance of the elderly, look at the world with fresh eyes and with such lively determination.

The youths took charge of the Gweru event without ridiculing opponents or misbehaving. They raised the bar of tolerance.

Even the ZANU-PF youths who contested in the primary elections and lost, sought advice from their elders.

They desisted from hate speech and instead preached unity within the party.

Maxime Pree once said: “We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness.

“By embracing the concept of inclusivity, tolerance and diversity, youths know that they oversee their affairs while they get unadulterated guidance by the leaders who provide them with an ideological compass.”

The current crop of youths is determined to work towards sustenance of a vision which aims to make Zimbabwe a middle-income economy by 2030.

They further resolved to remain united and to work for a Zanu-PF victory in the July 30 poll.

The young generation under the new dispensation will, as they promised, respectfully adhere to the values and ethos of Zimbabwe.

“Our generation has the ability and the responsibility to make our ever-more connected world a more hopeful, stable and peaceful place,” once said Natalie Portman.

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