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Elements of wholeness - Zimbabwe Today
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Elements of wholeness

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“Wholesome living is a product of pursuing wholeness in every area of our lives. This includes giving thought to how our actions and words may affect the vitality of those we interact and relate with…Wholeness is an expression of completeness, entirety, totality, unity, fullness, and comprehensiveness.” — Cynthia Hakutangwi

Your well being is important to your success. It could be at work, at homeand in a relationship, if your well being is not set properly, you might find yourself frustrated and flustered. True success comes with a proper balance (wholeness). True success is not the availability of material things you want, but a balance and fulfillment you get from things you intrinsically have and what you own.

There are moments in every human being where one feels a void inside. Yes, everything is being done correctly, I have a good paying job, but still, there is this other higher calling. It’s a call to wholeness. Let’s delve into seven elements that could shift your life, thoughts and add value for you to be a whole being. These are purpose, social, financial, community, physical, spiritual, and cognition.


Every person has to live for more than just shelter, food, and clothes. There is more to life; there is something greater than ourselves and that is called purpose. What do you live for? When we discover our true purpose, we start to know the important things that we should do. I coach many people, I have seen the rich say “I’m frustrated, I want something better”. There is this inner gap that cannot be filled by anything, but purpose. Two words I would want us to think about are: ‘why’ and ‘what’. Why do you do ‘what’ you do? Find your ‘what’ in life before you start doing things. What answers to your true purpose. Everyday of your life, you must be controlled or influenced by ‘what’.

The second word is ‘why’. Most people dwell at the ‘what’ level. Every time you should ask yourself a fundamental question: What must I do to answer to my ‘why’? And that should not be the other way round. The ‘what’ level pertains to the activities you do. What’s your career? Does that career answer to the reason ‘why’ you were created? What is your job? Does that job fulfill your ‘why’? Purpose, if fulfilled, gives you the ‘aha’ feeling.


Your social life pertains to your relationships. People that we are always with contribute to our well being. How is your social life? Friends influence what we think about. Positive friends cultivate an optimistic view. One must intentionally create space to enjoy life and socialise. Have time for fun. Listen to quality music. Dance to it. Have positive fun with friends and family. Create moments where you relax and enjoy yourself.


Personal success is not enough. Having a good social life does not complete a being. We need to be significant. Our communities need us and we need our communities. What contribution are you giving to your immediate community? Some contributions might seem small, but they are significant. People that have made a difference touch lives within their communities.


Money drives progress. Your well being is incomplete without money. Money is not all that we need, but it has this intangible effect when we have it. Money makes it easy to have a good living. The absence or availability of money brings special emotions or feelings. Financial literacy is important. Money, like any other tool, can be used for the best and someone can use it for the worst. Mismanagement of money may lead to negative consequences. I recommend a book by T Harve Aker called The Millionaire Mind.


We can’t enjoy success when our bodies are not well. A disease is, indeed, a disease. Do everything possible to avoid every sickness that could be avoided. The body must be kept healthy through exercise. A healthy body brings wholeness.


Our minds have to be clean and clear about what we want to achieve in life. The mind is the most powerful space we have as human beings. When our thoughts are disturbed, our whole being is in disarray. When we have peace of mind, we experience wholeness. Take time to improve your mind by reading. August Hare’s quotable quote says: “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It is wholesome and bracing for the mind to have its faculties kept on the stretch.”

Research shows that every normal human being has neuro-plasticity; meaning that our brain can grow. It grows by being exposed to the right information and environments. The mind can learn new things. Arie De Geus, (cited by Peter M Senge, 1990) once said: “The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage”.

The more we learn, the more we transition from normal (or linear) thinking to non-linear thinking. Thinking brings all the seven components discussed here. We get to make it possible to interconnect all the small components that contribute to the whole, thereby leading to wholeness.


Our spirituality makes us have specific beliefs about life and how it could turn out to be. A spiritual belief that belittles your being is dangerous to you. Psychological studies show that spirituality leads to specific belief systems. Those belief systems lead to a mental pattern/ paradigm. The pattern leads to attitudes. Attitudes naturally lead to how you feel. How you feel makes you act in a specific way and that action needs results.

The best thing you should hunt for is to live a wholesome life. Most of this life is not in things we have, but in the use of innate abilities. The moment you strive for wholeness, is the moment you bring fulfillment to yourself and positively contribute to those around you. Have a wholesome weekend!


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