EU Parly Resolutions Read Like Chamisa’s Script

The European Parliament resolutions on Zimbabwe (2019/ 2563(RSP) are like reading from Chamisa’s script.

In fact, it’s not surprising as the EU has been half-hearted in its attempts to engage the Second Republic.

While I am not going to dwell much on all the resolutions, I just want to give an eagle eye’s view of how the European Union (EU) is not sincere and exposing itself by adopting the script from the opposition.

Almost everything that they said is parroting MDC’s 10 point demands given as pre-conditions to national dialogue.

On February 15, 2019 while delivering a memorial lecture for the founder of MDC, the late Morgan Tsvangirai, Nelson Chamisa said he would not be cowed into dialogue with President Mnangagwa.

He vowed that any talks with the President to resolve the current political impasse would start after the new administration had stopped the arbitrary arrests and persecution of his party members.

The above need not to be overemphasized before looking at what then the EU gave as a condition also for Zimbabwe to be regarded as a truly democratic country. The EU said that it urges the Zimbabwean authorities to immediately and unconditionally release all political prisoners.

Who said they are political prisoners? I am sure this bloc needs to be reminded that these prisoners were violent demonstrators who annihilated property of fellow citizens.

In short they were in conflict with the law and deserved to be incarcerated.

One wonders when the EU calls for the restoration of the rule of law in Zimbabwe, while at the same time calling for the release of violent protesters is abiding with the tenets of rule of law.

They purport to be champions of rule of law when they display double standards by calling for the unconditional release of those arrested while violating the same law.

EU also said that it is deeply concerned about reported violations of due process through fast-tracking and mass trials.

Well personally, I don’t see that as a serious and genuine concern, but rather a buttress of Chamisa’s pre-conditions too.

As they say, justice delayed is justice denied. Cognisant of this adage and cries of the opposition too, our Judiciary tried to work round the clock to make sure that quick justice is delivered to citizens.

Ironically, some are not satisfied by this and one wonders and questions the sincerity of those calling for proper justice in the country.

Considering the numbers of those arrested, surely it was going to take ages before justice was delivered to all of them. In fact, some were even released after spending more than the stipulated 48 hours in detention and they will be tried by way of summons.

We are simply back to where the MDC started, bringing forward unsustainable demands to President Mnangagwa and EU has been gullible enough to adopt this one-sided narrative.

The more this bloc shows that it is singing from the same hymn book as the opposition, the more we are determined to go it alone rather than selling out our sovereignty to them through the puppet opposition, the MDC.

There can be no bigger evidence than this that Nelson Chamisa is not bothered about moving the country forward.

He does not want dialogue.

He will not commit to anything progressive. It’s only about him and destabilisation of the country.

Likewise, the latest EU resolutions corroborates well with this, making conditions for dialogue trickier.

Armed with the EU resolutions, Chamisa said he would also only agree to dialogue with President Mnangagwa after identification of a neutral arbiter and venue.

Together with the EU, they agreed in calling on the Zimbabwean authorities expedite an investigation into allegations of human rights violations and abuses, including rape and sexual violence by security forces.

In the same vein, they are demanding that those responsible for the alleged atrocities are brought to justice.

President Mnangagwa had already promised something to this effect and one wonders why the issue continues to be an international anthem.

In last week’s Cabinet sitting, both AIPPA and POSA were repealed and soon the Parliament will ratify those decisions, but the EU shamelessly demanded that POSA be revised.

They took that from opposition’s book and smuggled it to be a resolution.

Who in his right frame of mind can take them seriously if they display such levels of impartiality?

Was the particular concern for economic comatose in the country justifiable?

I doubt that very much when the EU expressed particular concern at the economic and social situation in Zimbabwe.

Our main problems are poverty and unemployment among other.

But please EU stop calling on the European Council to review its restrictive measures against individuals and entities in Zimbabwe.

How do you expect poverty and unemployment to die off when you continue to call for sanctions on us?

EU is discrediting itself by adopting the MDC script as its own resolutions.

Zimbabwe wants an objective institution to be able to grasp the Zimbabwean challenges and proffer workable solutions.

Source : The Herald

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