Exclusive: Thomas Mapfumo’s 2015 Letter to all Zimbabweans

My fellow Zimbabweans, with joy and humility, please allow me to wish you a great and promising 2015. We had quite an eventful 2014 that at times shook our beautiful Zimbabwe. Politics, economics and social forces all played their part but they never set us apart. That is why we are still here.

Zimbabwean we are and Zimbabwean we shall ever be. Our main challenge now is to appeal to our leaders to realize the need to make Zimbabwe a better place. The beauty of those foreign nations they visit for conferences should be emulated, benchmarked and planted at home. The same applies to those foreign hospitals our leaders visit when not feeling well. We have great colleges and universities that can make that possible. We cherish for the long-gone good old days when we had plenty to eat and share, when many of us had jobs and were happy and settled at home. Now we are everywhere across the globe as we search for livelihood. (Kuyaura kweasina musha) With determination, unity and hard work, we shall all be home and resume our old legacy of peace, joy, abundance and comfort.

This 2015, I wish we could be as inventive as we can in terms of what we can do better as a nation. Our people need food, jobs and good health care. We need to put our heads together and see how we can align our skills and mindsets to serve our country. Mind you, none, but ourselves can restore the sweet yesteryear era of comfortable living.

Zimbabwe is a great country. We have vast resources. Our people have the skills and the education. We have a solid foundation through powerful human capital. To add to that, we are a conscious nation. Despite economic and political challenges, we have never lost hope. Those at home continue to defend the fort. Those in the Diaspora complement that home-triggered effort. Annual cash remittances going home speak volumes about how much love and care Zimbabweans still have for each other. That communal spirit and love for each other as families, neighbours or friends has kept Zimbabwe going.

My last challenge is for all skilled men and women to put their wits together to invent, explore and manufacture possibilities. Let us remain united for the national good. The duty is on us to keep our Zimbabwe one of the best African countries. In that effort, let us remain united and hard working not by word of mouth but by practical action.

Thank you too for the continued support for Chimurenga Music. This 2015, we have a few surprises for you our fans. You have supported us through Facebook and related internet music purchases for all these years. We appreciate that and will keep delivering because without you, we would be nowhere.  There would be no Chimurenga music.

Thank you Zimbabwe for remaining dedicated and focused despite some occasional hurdles. Happy 2015!

Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo                                                                                                                                        Chimurenga Music King


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