Exclusive: VP Mnangagwa’s confidential letter to President Mugabe

Special Investigative Unit Chief Editor

The newly appointed Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe has written a letter to His Excellency the President of Zimbabwe, Robert. G. Mugabe. Letters of this nature are usually not in the public domain, but thanks to some workers in the office of the Vice President, Zimbabwe Today has a hand written copy of the Letter that Mr. E. Mnangagwa wrote allegedly leaving at his secretary’s desk for it to be typed and dressed for the Head of State. The office of the VP has been quite an unsafe place ever since it was speculated that he would take his new position. Investigations into his cynaide assassination plot and the leaking of this letter are said to have been initiated and the following few days will reveal the genuineness of this claim.

To: The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Mr. Robert G. Mugabe,

I write to thank you so much for trusting me with the responsibility of becoming your deputy, the second highest honor in the land. When I joined the liberation struggle as a little 16 year old boy from Zvishavane I never had it even in my wildest dreams that I would be accorded such an honor. I have always worked with you, carrying out your orders just as every young boy under mentorship does to his master, not with any eye for any position, but simply because it is an honor in itself to work with you Sir.

Emmerson Mnangagwa taking the oath of office
Emmerson Mnangagwa taking the oath of office

It has never came close to my mind to question whatever you do, for I have always trusted your far reaching prudence. Even when you ordered my help against the Matebeles in the Gukurahundi massacres, I was quick to act because, I believe, in the same way you do that the violent Matebeles were a serious threat to the peace of this country.

Even when it meant eliminating Tongogara, who was not as smart as you are, though credited with bravery in the bush, you know Sir, I never questioned your wisdom, and thanks to our young and zealous Oppah, the job was done under my direct supervision. Remember Sir, that when Solomon Mujuru, a stammerer, wanted to question your eloquence and your wisdom, I was quick to strike. Now, it has not been hard as it would have been to shove Joice under the rubbish heap.


The country will be in good hands even if you were to rest today shef. At your wisdom again, and your prudence I have worked closely with the army as Minister of Defense and they obey me so well and even more so after you anoint me with the reigns to the throne. We have worked tooth and nail over the years Sir, to bring you election victory when I served in the above mentioned office, in the Joint Operation Command and also as your chief election agent. I now know almost all the tricks in the book, considering also that I have been the one to disburse the funds to Nikuv after our partnership with them in elections ever since 2002. As you know, they have never disappointed, regardless of a shoddy job in 2008. 73% was very hard to reverse I understand, but as you know, this time around we put them under strict instruction and procedures.

Tsvangirai is well within my bounds Your Excellence as you know. He thinks I am easy going ever since you instructed me to treat him with kindness and compassion.


He thinks I am toothless and I can be one to work with. On that point of advice and strategy Sir, as always, you were on the mark. He will think I am there to work with him, just in the same way this zealous big mouthed Biti thinks the same, and borrowing from the political wisdom you have imparted to me over the years, we will make sure that they are totally annihilated and never to be thought of again! Your one party state legacy for Zimbabwe will be achieved. Whatever the means Your Excellence, we will fight for your legacy, the same way we have fought for your vision!

With regards to China, Your Excellency, thank you for showing us wise and dedicated friends to work with. I promise to keep and promote all the business deals, personal and national, we have signed with them over the years, the main ones being the ones regarding Marange diamond fields. To that effect, and as mentioned above, all your family stake in the diamond deals will be safeguarded. At your consent we can also open a new bank account in Robert Jnr’s name at that secret bank of ours in Singapore and make sure that incoming revenues will be safely kept for the two young boys and your lineage to come. All this is information we should discuss with amai, Patrick and Leo, if you want them further involved with your estate.

I promise to take care of your family and protect your business empire even after you are gone. I admire the wonderful kids that you have baba, Chatunga, Robert Jnr, and Bona.

Mugabe-family I am sure your soon to come grandchild, will be as great as you are. I admire your dedication to duty, love of the people of Zimbabwe, political and social wisdom and your unparalleled mind Your Excellency. I also admire your great health, a result of the rigorous exercises you do even at 90, and the healthy traditional diet that you follow. Plans for your 91st birthday bash are well on-course and we will make this one even bigger by inviting African statesmen and other Heads of States.

I also promise I will also protect your legacy and enforce that your name be enshrined in bright colors within the covers of every history book in Zimbabwe. You will remain our great hero and we will always owe your family the greatest thanks and allegiance. As you rest Gushungo, supervising me in the following days and helping me stir this Great Zimbabwe ship, this will be time to give amai all that love you have given to your work and the people of Zimbabwe instead. You have loved us all, even the dishonest and disloyal ones.

I wish you a happy vacation is Singapore and see you on the 18th of January at the Harare International Airport.

Your faithful son,

Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa


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  2. Madhokorochi ega ega work of the oppossition.

  3. Entertaining imagination Chief Editor but probably very true? Give us more of the same so that we prepare ourselves for the tougher times ahead as the economy receives no attention at all and the looting intensifies.

  4. By the way the looting I referred to in my earlier post is now legal and the biggest beneficiaries are the Chinese?

  5. Good son of the soil, hatidodi ba vane ruchiva che chinzvimbo chashe..
    Enjoy yo holiday Gushunho zvana quo tozvinzwira paGambia..long live comrade Mugabe much love

  6. Utter rubbish. You think Dambudzo would a letter to convey this message????

  7. era of the Prophets

    1/2 out of 10. work very hard, times are hard in this present world.

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