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Faith is the substance of all things

Bishop Dr B. Manjoro Dunamis
Thirty years ago, I held a camp meeting for youths in an open space just outside Harare.
I pitched some tents in the open space to accommodate many young people who had come for the meeting.
Some were still coming to join us for the camp meeting, when suddenly the weather changed and heavy clouds covered the whole area.

Heavy droplets started falling and people ran around trying to take cover from the rain. What was I going to do? We had no buildings around. Immediately my faith got stirred up and with boldness I told people to calm down. I turned to the young men taking care of my belongings and said: “Take my bed out of the tent and all my suits and clothes, put them outside, in the open!” They could not believe it and were hesitant but they obeyed. Sure enough they took the clothes out I turned back to the crowd and said: “I want it to be known everywhere that I pitched a tent to preach and save people’s lives and God let the rain wet my clothes and disrupted the meeting.”

Now right there I was taking a great step of faith. I had to stand on Him; I had to trust in Him.
My entire life has been dedicated to this one message – FAITH! Not just preaching it but living and walking by it.
“Now the just shall live by faith . . .” Hebrews 10:38. My number one heart’s desire is that all may walk by faith, leaning on the Most High in all things, at all times and thus become giants of faith. It has been over 50 years since the time the Lord called me to full-time ministry.

It has been a journey and I dedicate this article today to share with you the one thing I have discovered in God which alters a man’s life in the right direction forever. The one thing that can turn your situations around; your marriage, family, finances, career, ministry, health and anything else you can think of, needs this one thing – FAITH.

I get excited when I talk about faith because I live by it and have walked by faith my entire life. Without faith you cannot progress and you cannot accomplish anything.
Faith is the currency of heaven.

For you to get anything from God there has to be an exchange of the thing you want and your faith. Are you looking for something in your life and don’t know how to get it? You will get it in Jesus, agree with me this day – you will get it in Jesus’s name!

Hebrews 11:1 says that: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” I know, above all, that faith is real and faith works. Faith is the substance; the substance is for things. Substance cannot be seen but it is there. Faith is the substance of things; that means clothes, money, shoes, houses, cars.

If you don’t have shoes faith is the substance of shoes, if you don’t have a car faith is the substance of cars, if you don’t have a house faith is the substance of houses, if you don’t have a job faith is the substance of jobs. Even joy, a good marriage, good health – faith is the substance of it all!

This is a foundational principle and teaching of the Word of God for anyone to succeed in life. Everything that transpired in the Bible was based on the law of faith.

Today we cannot experience any of the promises without fulfilling the law of faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).

Faith is not complicated, you don’t need a bus full of it; you just need faith the size of a mustard seed.
Everyone born again has faith, (Romans 12:3). You just need to know how to use it. Healing, prosperity, salvation of a family member, flourishing businesses and all such things as you desire cannot be achieved without faith.

Faith is the hand that we use to receive the desires of our hearts. If you want to become a good preacher, cast out demons, heal the sick, you have to have faith.

If you want to fast for something it has to be backed by faith.
If you just fast without faith you are like a person that asks for a glass of water.
Water may be brought to them and they simply stare at the person with the glass and not stretch out their hand to receive it, but as long as they don’t stretch their hand to receive what they asked for, they will not be able to have the water.

You are there, thirsty, and the water is there but if you do not stretch out your hand to receive the glass of water you will continue to be thirsty.

So when you pray and fast without faith, your desires are brought to you but as long as your hand of faith is not stretched out, you will not receive. You even need faith to be filled with the Holy Ghost – you need faith in all you do.
Hope is good but it is not faith. Hope is in the future but faith is now.

When you have hope, you don’t have faith, that is why so many times when we pray asking God for something and don’t receive it we start to say but I believed God.

You were hoping. Hope is not bad. It is the reason we wake up every day because we are hoping for something good, hoping that my tomorrow will be better than my yesterday. Faith backs up hope just the same way money backs up your needs and wants in a supermarket.

That day I mentioned at the crusade I needed not to just hope the rains would stop or go away no. I had to pull out the currency of faith. O hallelujah. Faith is now. God does not disappoint faith.

Right there in Dorson farm when I took the step of faith by taking my clothes out in the seemingly coming rain, God worked a miracle. The rains came to a halt and clouds dispersed. It rained all around other farms but not on the place we were. The conference went on successfully, O hallelujah! I like it.

I challenge you today walk by faith and not by sight. For with God all things are possible, Mark 10:27

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The Herald

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