Fake Certificates – Two Denied Bail

PEOPLE manufacturing and selling fake Covid-19 free certificates must be brought to book as they are derailing Government efforts to combat the pandemic, the State argued while opposing bail for two suspected producers on the grounds that they could continue making the fakes while on bail.

Prosecutor Owen Safuli was opposing the granting of bail to Takesure Kanyai and Taridzo Isynol Chimhavi, who were arrested for allegedly printing and selling fake Covid-19 test certificates and now facing charges of forgery.

Mr Safuli said releasing the two on bail would create room for them to continue manufacturing more fake certificates since there will be no one motoring their daily routines.

“They might run away to their rural homes and continue committing the offences. It was never disputed that the cellphones and computers used to print the certificates belonged to the accused. The gadgets were recovered from them, a clear indication that they had planned the acts and it is unfortunate that we are not aware of the numbers that they distributed before their arrest,” he said.

“We are aware of the drastic consequences that come as a result of the offence. The Government imposed national lockdown measures so that people are protected. Lockdown restrictions are an endeavour by the Government to protect its citizens and we have people who want to defeat the efforts being done by our Government.

“We have seen border posts were multitudes throng armed with these certificates. If released on bail they will continue to commit the offence as they know how to circumvent the system and once left out without supervision, they will continue doing that.”

Kanyai and Chimhavi, through their lawyer, said there was no evidence that they will continue committing the offence. They offered to deposit $3 000 coupled with other conditions as part of their bail.

Magistrate Mrs Barbra Mateko denied the duo bail and remanded them in custody to February 9.

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