Fashion Hits, Misses At NAMA Ceremony

The ground is still wet for the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) controversies and some of the categories have divided public opinion.

It seems that controversy is now the order of the day for the awards show which even saw some big tycoons in the arts industry condoning them over their jurisdiction.

Some prominent filmmakers have said that it is a circus and this was proven last Saturday that the event has indeed lost not only its glory but creativity too.

Despite, the hullabaloo, Nama’s fashion statements left tongues wagging. Man of the moment Jah Prayzah, who bagged three awards, had a wardrobe malfunction at the awards.

As a big star some designers said the “Ndini Ndamubata” hit-maker missed the jackpot as he wore a fur jacket which his entourage matched with fur scarfs.

“I think when it comes to dressing at awards shows, we still have a long way to go. First and foremost do we understand the concept of red carpet and what to wear? Jah chose to wear a fur coat despite the prevailing high temperatures. Can’t we take a leaf from the international arena? As a designer I think men should stick to tuxedos, suits with less accessory so as not to cause drama. For Nama, a fur coat won’t do. His dressing made him look like a pimp and it didn’t look well on him. The scarves looked like some left over pieces from the coat and he had to share with the wife and friend,” said one designer who declined to be named.

Jah Prayzah is not new to wardrobe malfunction at the same podium as in the previous years, he dressed like a British soldier-velvet, which shocked some fashion buffs.

Another miss was by Samantha Musa aka “Misred” from ZiFM Stereo.

She wore a gorgeous green gown which fitted her body very well and looked glamorous but her miss came when she chose to reveal her lingerie- bra, which didn’t go down well with some fans.

She messed the dress, but she remains the goddess of the red carpet.

Host Chief Koti looked perfect, but the attire made him look more like a groom than the presenter.

Chief Koti wore a blue tuxedo but missed it on the lapel pin as the rule of the tuxedo is no accessory on the lapel pin unless you want to get away with a circus print.

Bulawayo-based television personality Arthur Evans nailed it as he rocked in black attire.

Surprise hit of the night was Samantha Kureya, who wore a black and red gown.

With such a stature, it is very difficult to dress especially on the red carpet but the comedian wowed the crowd with her dress sense.

However, Nama later chose to ignore past mistakes when it comes to stage management and creativity.

“I think this is too much, we will not grow as a nation if we continue allowing such things to happen. A lot of mishaps and they continue giving us such nonsense.

“Whoever is having the tender to host the ceremony should be changed? Look at how the presentation was done, seems there was no rehearsal at all.

“How do we lure investors and potential stakeholders with such a poor programme?

“The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe should engage those who can take it up. Zimbabwe is talented and we not different from other countries but the problem is that we are not moving with the times.”

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