Fashion: Suspenders are back with a bang

Tafadzwa Zimoyo
Welcome November!!!

This is a sacred month when no cultural rituals are conducted. Some say if you do such ceremonies, you are calling for bad luck, but it all depends with what you believe in.

November is still summer and heat is draining physical and mental energy.

Being in the sun makes everybody tired and sometimes incapable doing important daily tasks.

A yummy ice cream or tasty cold-drink will make you refreshed.

With such weather, it is also difficult to wear a complete outfit or designer suit.

Some gents can say a gentleman has no weather, but wearing a suit now is unbearable.

Ladies can get away with not donning a jacket but still look good in a flowery gloomy dress at work.

But there is some accessory that is forgotten yet they make a good fashion statement and at work not only make your outfit formal but complement the look.

Yes, the suspenders have made a comeback.

One thing about them is they are affordable, easy-to-wear and a fun addition to your wardrobe.

Whether you want to look sharp at an upcoming wedding, stand out at a formal event, add some flair to your work attire or spice up your casual clothing, suspenders provide you with a colourful and versatile solutions for almost any occasion life chooses to send your way.

But confusion still reigns, notably — Which types of suspenders are appropriate for which occasions? Which colours go with which? Is there a particular width that is correct? Should I choose the clip-on kind or button-on? Can I wear a belt with my suspenders? How do I wear coloured suspenders without looking like a clown?

All these questions come to mind not only for fashionistas but the general populace.

Again without overstating things, suspenders are quite possibly the best masculine style accessory of all time, I have seen now ladies following suit.

History says that suspenders aren’t anything new — they’ve been around since the early 1800s, so they pre-date pretty much everything else we use to hold up our pants nowadays besides buttons.

Despite their distinctly old-school vibe, they’ve withstood the test of time and are still so popular today that you can find them in a wide variety of materials and styles to suit your taste.

Despite what mainstream fashion would have you think, suspenders aren’t just for people with a Ruby Rose body-type either, they will make you look like you swamped in ropes.

Anyway just know that suspenders are functional, yet decorative as they add visual interest to any outfit.

Unlike ties, you don’t have to button up your shirt all the way up to sport a pair of suspenders, so they’re a great way to dress up during warmer or hot weather.

You don’t even have to wear a button-up at all — suspenders look just as good worn over a T-shirt or even a tank-top (if you’re going for true heart throb status).

If you’ve got a bit more around the middle, suspenders have several benefits in store for you: they help you create a more streamlined body shape.

Instead of creating a bulge over the beltline by pulling you in around the middle, suspenders are supported all the way up on your shoulders, resulting in pants or shorts that lay flatter over your midsection.

They make you look taller too

I love this part, because I am one of the people affected when it comes to height but that is a subject for another day.

Well the vertical lines of suspenders can also elongate your figure by getting rid of a horizontal line (your belt) that cuts you in half visually.

Don’t get me wrong, I have never recommend mixing belts from your wardrobe all together.

But mixing it up with suspenders is a great way to elevate your frame, your personal style, and it’s worth the extra effort.

They look pretty dope with a bowtie

With that top three you can start rocking suspenders like a boss.

However a colleague of mine asked over lunch one day; “How then do you, choose the right suspenders for your outfit?”

Like any accessory, suspenders aren’t the main ingredient in your outfit but they are the spice.

Therefore it’s important to choose the suspenders that will complement the foundational pieces of your outfit.

To make this choice, you’ll want to consider two factors: material and attachment style.

Material refers to the strap material of your suspenders, and attachment style refers to the way they attach to your pants.

Attachment style is a bit more complicated (just like in therapy), while there are two main attachment styles for suspenders, plus one that is lesser known but equally awesome.

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