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Fasting Testimonies To Warm Your Heart

Fasting Testimonies To Warm Your Heart

– In 2005 I passed by the Harare office of my cousin, who was employed by Cimas Medical Aid as a lab scientist. I looked at him and said, “Bro, you ought to be working in one of these international NGOs and getting paid in forex. Go on a fast about it.” He went on a 40-day fast, eating only dinner but skipping meat for the entire period. Before the fast was over, he had gotten a cool job with a Swiss NGO and was being paid in US dollars at a time when they were a novelty in Zimbabwe.
– A friend fasted for 40 days, drinking only juice at night, at the beginning of this year. He had many prayer requests, among them buying a house in Harare for his mother since she’s now based in Harare, whereas all his properties are in Mutare. Before the end of April he was able to buy a $100 000 house in Harare for cash thanks to the acceleration fasting engenders.
– A relative who was brought up by a single mother went on a 7-day fast to get a scholarship to fund his UZ studies. Within a few months, I personally received the letter from a company that offered him the scholarship and funded the remaining years of his studies.
– A friend fasted for 5 days and 5 nights with his friend in the mountains of Mutare. He wanted God to use him in praying for people to receive the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. After the fasting, the power fell in such dramatic fashion that his whole standing within the church was elevated as God started using him mightily. He’s still being greatly used today.
– Someone I’d never met contacted me via Facebook back in 2012 asking if I could supply his organisation with massive generators. I contacted a firm in Germiston that makes generators, negotiated a commission with them and then sat for the deal to go through. Inexplicable delays started out of nowhere and I recognised the enemy at work. I went on a fast for 7 days, eating only at night, to pray for the deal to go through. The day after I ended the fast, a Monday, the Germiston company owner said to me over the phone, “Congratulations, Gabriel, the payment was made on Friday.” I pocketed a cool R44k on that deal without lifting a finger and without ever meeting either party.
– If you know the spiritual dimension of the Econet story, you are aware that the then PTC’s telecoms monopoly in Zimbabwe ended after Strive Masiyiwa went on a fast for 3 days and 3 nights, culminating in the judge ruling to end the company’s stranglehold on the sector.
– A friend in Johannesburg was buffeted by untold tribulations in his business and economy between 2013 and 2014. From careening through Johannesburg in cars as he went about his business, he’d become a pedestrian. He saw that there was an invisible hand of the enemy just judging by how protracted the trials were. Then he spent much of 2015 praying and fasting on and off with his wife for a turnaround. Throughout 2016 hitherto, he has been flowing in divine financial grace, landing big road surfacing contracts he didn’t even tender for. The machinery of his whole economy has been oiled by divine prosperity and success.
Could fasting be the missing link between you and your next testimony of praise?

Gabriel Manyati


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