Film-Makers Take Heed of the Situation

Good to be back from a long sabbatical!

I hope you are keeping safe in this global pandemic.

The remote control still wins at the end of the day.

You just need to know that the television inspires the mind.

In fact, it is a fantastic educational tool which broadens knowledge of different cultures, promotes tolerance and understanding of international issues.

During this Covid-19 era, it is also a good opportunity to catch up with family and friends.

Social media also helps people to check on their friends even family members who kilometres away.

To the film-makers, producers and script writers this is the time to show your prowess and talent as most people are now glued to the social online media platforms, let alone the television.

Cinemas for now are closed but that does not mean there is a stop to the flow of entertainment, be it movies, news, dramas or soapies, among others.

Let me take this opportunity to salute some of our film-makers who are keeping the cameras rolling as they are always giving content on online platforms and television.

For online platforms, I know one restriction which can affect your business – the issue of data bundle costs for those who do not have access to free wi-fi. This results in less viewership.

However, I had a chat with one filmmaker Nathan Gutu who is doing ‘Amazing Show with Natty’, last weekend and he said for online the trick is to produce something straight to the point, be it a short story and you need to check on the time factor.

He said creating something with longest time will leave room for those viewing to give up before the story ends because of data costs.

Gutu launched his show recently and of late it has gain momentum where local celebrities come and share their stories which inspires others.

I am sure the show will grow for a long time and will not be blown away by the wind.

As they stay, you just need to stay strong and focused.

For those creating content for television, I have watched a lot of productions, especially dramas and soapies such as the new drama series ‘Isithembu’ starring Stephen Chigorimbo, Fatima Makunganya and Takura Murapa among others which is premiering this week on ZBCTV.

One still wonders what happened on some of the popular series like Wenera, Muzita Rababa, Studio 263 and Estate Blues as they played a pivotal role in shaping our lifestyle.

I understand the issue of funding and resources, but what if we all unite and have roles to play on a particular project, remember it is not about competition, but empowerment, entertaining and educating.

One thing you need to know is television has authority and that is why it remains the most popular and trusted platform for news, culture, sports and entertainment.

Flipping to DStv, this week’s focus is on Zee World, Channel 166.

I know most women have fallen in love with the channel.

A quick survey revealed that reason why women love Zee World is that it resonates and connects with societal issues, but the challenge is that they also need to face reality and use the same modus operandi in ‘fixing’ soling issues.

Anyway here is a quick guide on some of the topical series on Zee World for the month of October.

Everyday @ 6pm on Zee World, Channel 166 is “Age Is Just a Number.”

It is a big day for Vedika and her newly-wed daughter but Usha is planning something big that will put an end to Vedika and Arya’s happiness.

Sahil kicks Guddu out of the house.

Vedika asks Pankti to leave the house but Sahil defends her. A distraught Vedika leaves the house with Arya and Ved. Sahil vows to bring her back. Sahil asks Vedika for one more chance to prove his innocence. Pankti’s mother blames Sahil for ruining his daughter’s life. Preparations for the Naming ceremony of the new baby at the Agarwal mansion are underway, Sahil and Vedika sit together for the Naming ceremony. Vedika and Sahil seem to be getting closer after Pankti decides to get married to another person. At the Agarwal mansion, Nani and Bilma are worried about Vedika, they decide to call the police. Meanwhile, Maya comes home with bad news.

“Zarah’s Nikah” screens everyday at 8pm.

Zara steps forward and takes Rukhsar as her own responsibility after Zeenat’s mental breakdown. Rukhsar shocks everyone when she refers to Kabeer as her husband. A fight breaks out in the Ahmand household and Kashan threatens to leave the house. Kabeer, Ayesha and Alina find Zara unconscious in her room.

There’s tension at the Ahmad household, as Kashan demands more respect from the family members since he is the one who is providing for them financially. Qazi regrets his decision of making Kabeer the deputy Qazi of the city, after Kabeer forces Zara to be a beggar on the street to prove a point.

Zara is kidnapped in the free market and her kidnappers are demanding half a million in ransom money.

The family is devastated after receiving the news of Rukshar’s disappearance and Zeenat blames Zara for it. Zara is hospitalized after being poisoned.

Kashan blackmails his father and wants him to convince the family into getting Alina married. Alina agrees to the marriage proposal but what is her reason for wanting to get married to an evil man? Zeenat wants the family to finalize the wedding date and challenges Kabeer to stop the wedding from happening.

Enjoy your viewing…

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