Finding your purpose: Part 4

Prophet Makandiwa

Prophet Makandiwa

“Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, ‘Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations’.” (Jeremiah 1:4-5)

When you are born you get to a certain stage in life where you have to go to school to be taught. At school you are not really taught how to discover yourself but you are trained how to serve other people that have discovered themselves.

You are trained how to properly serve other people’s purposes without being fired. That is the system we have and we have accepted it; you have to be coached on how to serve other people’s purposes. You go to school then get a job, get a salary and that is the end.

Training is necessary in life, some they go even for five years some seven years just pursuing a certain programme.

But, what if the salary was the same no matter what you do in life, were you still going to pursue the same programme? Whether you are a teacher, you are into construction or whatever profession you choose, if the salary was going to be the same regardless of what you are doing, which programme were you going to pursue?

Were you still going to be trained for all those years you spent learning your profession? That is where most people have got problems, what is now motivating them is no longer their purposes but money.

If you knew all that you were going to get is the same amount as other professions after having been trained for all those years, were you still going to choose all those training years when others are just trained for three months?

Were you still going to be trained for seven years just because of your passion for the profession? Money has become people’s motivation, what they get after executing their purpose is now all they can think of. Money now defines everything to most people.

If you can still pursue a programme without considering how much time it will take and how much you will get then know that you have found your purpose. What is it that you are willing to continue doing even if they are not paying you for doing it? That is your calling.

As we said before in our previous teachings, the number one purpose you were created by God is so that you carry the presence of God. God created you as His own place of habitation, He wanted to have His headquarters inside of you. When God created you He wanted a home, you are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

When God manufactured you, the ultimate purpose, the universal purpose was for you to contain the Creator. If you find yourself moving up and down without the Creator inside of you, it does not matter what else you are doing in life, you do not have a purpose.

Your number one purpose is to carry the presence of God; God want to demonstrate His love through you and from you. You are the place from where God operate, He needed an office to accommodate Him.

Never should you trust a person that is not born again. If a person has not accepted the Lordship of Jesus you must not trust him. You can do business together or you can marry him but do not trust him.

You hear people saying that there are people who are not born again yet they are very good and nice but it depends on your definition of goodness. How can a thing be regarded as good when it has rejected its Creator?

What sort of a definition is that? If a person cannot trust God with his life it means he does not want to see Godliness which is what you are carrying.

Why should you be happy if such a person trust you? Why should you receive such trust that is coming to you and it is never going to God?

If a person cannot trust God and yet he trust you why do you choose to call that trust? With all your shortcomings and weaknesses if a person decides to trust you and yet he does not trust God would you call that trust?

If you are going to be doing anything with any person who is not born again, go ahead but you must be careful about trust.

If you say that a person is good though he is not born again then you are trying to prove a point that there is something else that can cause a person to be good apart from God.

What is it that can cause a person to be good in the absence of God? It is just that some people have never done a study on what happens when God is not there.

What makes hell is not the presence of fire but the absence of God in a place. When God is not in a place it becomes hell. Whether that place is a person, when there is no God in an individual it means he is yet to discover his first and number one purpose.

It is unimaginable and dangerous to spend even 30 seconds without God. When creation is no longer in good books with its Creator it becomes very dangerous. Can you imagine that there are people who have never been to church even for once in their lifetime; what a life.

Every morning such people go to work thinking that they have discovered their purposes. Always remember that the number one purpose for a person is to accommodate God.

If you have friends that are not born again try to help them, do your best to make sure that they also accommodate God. A person can never be good when God is not present in his life, it is impossible.

Why would you hate God? If you are a good person your goodness should stretch as far as accommodating God in your life. What is it that causes a person to reject his Creator and yet the same person is accepting you in his life calling you his best friend?

Accommodating God is the number one purpose and the only purpose. The rest you will begin to do are callings and assignments.

It might take time for you to discover your own assignment but after you have discovered your own it is your responsibility to also help other people to discover their own assignments as well.

What is it that excites you after you have done it? What is it that gives you joy when you finish doing it? Do you feel the peace of God after doing it? Do not look at how much you get after doing it, look at the peace that you experience after.

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