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Flamboyant Zimbabwe Businessman Wicknell Chivayo Shows Off Zulu Girlfriend

FLAMBOYANT businessman, Wicknell Chivayo, who commands a huge following on social media networking site – Facebook – stirred controversy on Monday when he took a dig at Zimbabwean women.

Wicknell, who is popular for bragging about his riches on social media, posted an image with an alleged Zulu girl whom he said he wanted to marry.

He went on to say he had settled for a foreigner as ladies back home were “everywhere doing everything with everyone” while also calling them stubborn and disrespectful.

“I’ve finally decided to marry this South African girl from the village. We had a good discussion, but she asked me why I couldn’t marry back home.

“I said ‘I think most of our Zimbabwean girls are very disrespectful and stubborn, as a matter of principle no wealthy man wants a girl that’s everywhere doing everything with everyone. I’m attracted to intelligence,” posted Wicknell.

He added: “I said to her, don’t get me wrong, the light skin and a perfectly crafted body will certainly get my attention, but sooner or later, I’ll get bored with it and I always do. I need you to outsmart me. Make me feel like I can learn something from you and grow with you.

“I told her if you do that, then you can have me forever.”

After reading his post, disgruntled ladies did not waste time and gave Wicknell a piece of their mind.

“You forgot to say, and the Zimbabwean girls don’t want to marry you either,” posted one Pam Kay.

“Shame, thinking you’re bragging when actually everyone is laughing at you. For your own information, we Zimbabwean ladies are independent women who work hard and earn our own money so that we don’t have to stoop so low and get involved with people like you.

“Money doesn’t give you the right to down trod people like that. Grow up dude and stop behaving like a small boy,” wrote Nothando Malinga.

Others thanked the purported Zulu girl for saving them by taking Wicknell whom they described as “useless” as he is overweight.

“We don’t want him here. The Zulu girls can have him and never bring him back. He can relocate to South Africa or any other country for that matter and no one would even notice his absence.

“Go well fatty. Maybe it’s just about what girl would be willing to have a man that size on top of her for a lifetime . . .” posted Tariro Daphne.

Others simply reminded Wicknell not to disrespect women as if they are business tenders.

“Please, don’t disrespect our mothers and sisters, they’re not tenders.”

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