Former Zanu PF MP roasted over land


Disgruntled Zanu PF members in Kadoma this week dragged former Kadoma Central Member of Parliament Fani Fanuel Phiri to appear before the Justice Tendai Uchena-led Lands Commission to answer allegations of diverting more than 600 residential stands to his personal project.

The unhappy party members, led by Panyika Jack, are accusing the former legislator of diverting the stands to his Berina Housing Scheme after the party had donated 50 hectares, being part of Pixie Combie, to the party leadership in Kadoma’s 12 wards.

“Sir, we are here as disgruntled Zanu PF members to find out how Berina Housing Scheme is being run by former Kadoma Central Member of Parliament, Fani Phiri,”
Panyika said.

“The government through the then Local Government Minister, Ignatius Chombo, donated 50 hectares of land in Pixie Combie to be shared among Zanu PF leadership
in Kadoma, but the former legislator grabbed the land and formed Berina Housing Scheme with the stands that were meant for the people.”

Panyika added: “We want the Lands Commission to verify the ownership of the scheme; we feel that we were denied what was rightfully ours. What did Chombo see
in Phiri to give him 50 hectares? Phiri called for a meeting in Rimuka Hall sometime back and advised us to come with 50 names from the 12 wards of Kadoma
Central constituency, but we discovered later that he had formed his own housing scheme.”

Phiri was then asked by the commission to leave the court room because some of the witnesses were not comfortable with him being in the room.

In an interview, Phiri, however, denied the allegations that he had diverted land that was meant for Zanu PF members, but actually applied for the 50 hectares
through the Ministry of Local Government and National Housing in 2015 and his application was successful.

“The land in question does not and never belonged to Zanu PF. I actually applied for the land in 2015 and land was availed to me and then I formed Berina
Housing Scheme to parcel out stands for residential stands,” Phiri said.

“I have all the documents to verify the ownership of that land in part of Pixie Combie. Those disgruntled members of Zanu PF are barking at the wrong tree and
are being misled by someone. The land that was donated to the party is there, but they are trying to protect the one who has it and pointing a finger at Berina Housing Scheme, shame on them.”

Source : NewsDay

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