Furore over Cde Chinx video clip

Cde Chinx in hospital

Cde Chinx in hospital

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
This week, legislator Cde Joseph Chinotimba courted the ire of many Zimbabweans who condemned his abuse of smart phones after he shared a video clip of a bed-ridden and ailing Cde Chinx.

Many probably felt that taking the video was in bad taste given Cde Chinx’s condition.

“Whoever taught Cde Chinotimba how to use the camera function on his smart phone has done the nation a disservice as he is reckless,” said one user on social media.

Facebook sensation, entrepreneur, Primrose Nomathemba Ndebele said: “That video of Chinx at hospital recorded by Cde Chinotimba is disrespectful to all war veterans and reverses the very reasons they went to war! Humanity!! Cde Chinotimba was selfish and self serving when he recorded that clip.

“His reasons and motives are questionable and he owes Zimbabweans an apology and human rights lawyers should sue him on behalf of Cde Chinx and family. Chinx like everyone else has a right to privacy.”

This is the general feeling among many Zimbabweans after the Buhera legislator on Wednesday visited Cde Chinx in hospital and recorded him on his hospital bed before sharing the video clip which has gone viral. In the video, Cde Chinoz is heard poking fun at a frail looking Cde Chinx asking him if they are playing his music in hospital and if he is able to sing.

The Roger Confirm hit-maker who has lost weight is captured trying to respond to Cde Chinoz but is visibly in pain as he could barely speak. Cde Chinx is said to be suffering from blood cancer and is admitted to West End Hospital in Harare.

Zimbabweans have castigated Cde Chinoz saying he should be ashamed of himself.

According to the Patients Charter of Zimbabwe, all patients have a right to privacy which bars anyone from taking pictures and videos of them while in hospital. It seems Cde Chinotimba is not aware of this charter and therefore needs to be educated.

Some however supported Cde Chinoz saying he had taken the video to prove to people that Cde Chinx who had been rumoured dead was alive.

“People are otherwise taking this too seriously. Remember, Cde Chinx had been rumoured to be dead so Chinoz was simply showing people that his fellow Cde was still alive. To him, there was no better way to convey that message than taking the video,” said a Facebook user.

However, Cde Chinoz’s actions point to something that is wrong within society which seems to have developed a knack of taking pictures and videos of people involved in accidents and other calamities. Thereafter, the pictures and videos are shared on social media and sadly, some are bound to stumble upon clips and pictures of their loved ones injured or dead.

Last month, 15 people from two families travelling in a commuter omnibus to a funeral in Masvingo died when a haulage truck collided with their vehicle near the National University of Science and Technology in Bulawayo. People who rushed to the accident scene started taking photos and videos of the bodies that were strewn all over the place. In no time the photos were already doing the rounds on social media before the next of kin were informed.

When the Nandos Building collapsed two months ago, the same thing happened.

Nomathemba Ndebele advised people to stop being overzealous by taking gory images and videos.

“I deplore such acts and if you are one of the people who take pictures of people in hospital, stop it. It’s inhuman.”

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