Gearing Up for Schools Exhibition

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe will this year stage Tavatose/ Sisonke Annual exhibition at the home of comprehensive art, the Gallery. Tavatose/Sisonke meaning “we are now together” is a show based on unity and brings pupils of different backgrounds together to express themselves through art. The show is scheduled to run in partnership with the Environment Management Authority (EMA). This year’s theme is A Caring Society.

The nation will be in election mood soon; this therefore helps to preach the gospel of selfless caring society. A society not controlled by social gains and personal gain thereby fostering an egalitarian nation. This year’s edition’s theme helps people to understand how society takes care of its environment. A caring society means caring for each other and the environment. The key message of this year’s Tavatose edition is showing empathy for others and caring for the environment for societal advancement and sustenance. This entails being considerate towards the less privileged and needy

The world is mixed with global, regional and national crisis. To solve these seemingly differences of selfishness and materialism a new ethos of caring for each other and those in the environment has to be introduced. The solution to solve differences among those in the private sector and all aspects of life is introducing a caring society.

In addition, the exhibition encourages visual literacy amongst children whilst focusing on enjoyment and building confidence in their artistic and creative expression. Through this there is the hope that this will enhance entrepreneurial skills, creativity, problem solving and lifelong learning in art will also be enhanced.

The exhibition will feed from district to provincial schools art competitions. Regional galleries will host exhibitions that will feed the national exhibition. The National exhibition will travel back to regional galleries for further inspiration to schools from less accessible areas.

The exhibition will avail a platform for school children from early childhood development to A-Level to showcase creativity in a professional Gallery to experience the art industry in an early age in sync with the dictates of the new curriculum as they lend their voices to discourse on issues that affect society through art. These issues relate to global warming issues, sustainable development goals, Ubuntu/Unhu and sense a of belonging.

Moreso, participants will be exploring new horizons in new media such as the use of ICTs and other new mediums. Artists will examine the use of technology in finding possible solutions to environmental and societal issues.

Tavatose/Sisonke schools exhibition is a visual creative educational platform and vehicle provided by the Gallery through which budding artist in sync with the new curriculum, to lend their voices to the discourse on day to day issues such as ecological and environmental sensitivity, sustainability, peace, non-violence skills, empathy, compassion and national heritage stewardship.

Caring Society is characterised by the following Ubuntu/Unhu values love, care, and togetherness empathy among others. Therefore Ubuntu/Unhu is a necessary concept for global, regional and national development. Issues such as poverty, corruption, gender violence can be history with a caring society.

National Gallery Education Officer Akim Nyakudya firmly believes that Tavatose/Sisonke will nurture and identify artistic talent in young people. The exhibition will also instil problem solving skills necessary in addressing environmental and societal issues.

Tavatose/Sisonke open to all students from pre-school to senior school to submit their artworks in relation to the theme. Artworks for the 2018 Schools Art Exhibition should be submitted as two dimensional works, that is drawings, painting, collage and printmaking and three dimensional works which include sculpture, ceramics and construction.

All artworks must have the name of artist, school, province, teacher, phone number, email address as well as the price if for sale. Entry fee for each artwork is a dollar ($1).

Students are encouraged to create work that reflects on the competition theme A Caring Society. To unlock the artistic talent in the young generation, several themes were provided to all the school children and students, who have been divided into three categories.

The sub themes for each category are My Neighbourhood for (preschool), People I care for(Grade1), I show I Care (Grade2), To Care for the Planet is to Care for My Future(Grade 3) among other categories.

For the Advanced Level the topic is All the cares of the world. These targets will provide topics for the students to select from. Once a topic is selected, students will be free to create art work executed in any media such as pencil, ink, watercolours, photography charcoal among other mediums.

This is the fifth edition of the Tavatose/Sisonke School Art exhibition. Last year the exhibition ran under the theme Celebration Time.

For more information regarding Tavatose/Sisonke Schools Art Exhibition 2017 contact: The Education Officer on 04 704666/7. You can also email [email protected] or [email protected]

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