Genetics: A story of two (almost) identical twins

Adelina and Adelaide are twins, both born on July 9, 1995, daughters of a black father and mother. So far nothing extraordinary. But the lens of Brazilian photographer, Davy Alexandriski shows us two twin sisters, one of whom is albino and the other not.

And what explains this is a simple chromosomal mutation responsible for the undeniable fact that Adelina’s body does not metabolise the enzyme tyrosinase into melanin like that of her twin Adelaide. “So, and for just that, their skins have different pigmentation. That’s the only apparent difference between them,” Alexandriski says.

The story touches us not only with its rarity, but in the precision of the photography and its assertion of humanity.

The photographer tells us about two girls who in their daily life embody positive values, showing that they are citizens of the world and sisters conceived in the same womb, and so not interested in appearances.

They grew up within this well-studied lesson. They overturned pseudo-cultural myths, imposing themselves with their belief in being citizens of the world. Adelina in her third year studying law, while Adelaide is studying electrical engineering.

But not everything is roses in the lives of albino Adelina and her black sister Adelaide. So much so that the black twin has become her albino sister’s protector… for life.

By Bento Venâncio and Domingos Boaventura

Source: Jornal Domingo

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