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29 April Pattern and Style

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair week is cocktail galore for a lot of corporates.

There’ll be so many cocktails happening that you might not know which one to attend.

If you’re one of those, like a few of my friends, you’re probably going to hop from one cocktail to the other just so you don’t miss out on anything.

But you see, with all these cocktails happening during the week, few people have the chance to go back home to freshen up. Maybe you don’t own a car and going back home to change would be too much admin.

Perhaps you have a car but it’s too much of a hassle for you to go back home and freshen up. You can’t really wear your sequined dress with a vent on the side to work either.

It’s a bit of a sticky situation to get around. But whatever the case, there’s no excuse whatsoever for you to show up looking like a drab.

If you know you have an evening do to show up for and will not get the chance to go home to freshen up, consider your wardrobe choices more carefully on that morning.

A little black dress is timeless. Every girl must have one in her wardrobe! This dress can be worn in so many ways it’ll save you come cocktail day.

For an acceptable work look, dress down your little black number with a blazer. The blazer will give the dress a more formal look which your boss wouldn’t flip over. Of course the little black number will go with a killer pair of heels.

Well, as long as your heels are not shimmering, they should be just fine for the office. To switch things up for the cocktail later in the evening, lose the blazer and allow the little black dress to flourish.

Make a trip to your work ladies room and turn things up a notch. If you have a weave on, instead of having it in an up do let it hang loose. Wipe off the oiliness on your face with a dry piece of tissue if you had worn make-up in the morning. But if you hadn’t, feel free to splash your face with water, you’ll instantly look refreshed.

Do your make-up from scratch concentrating on your eyebrows, under-eye and lips. I’d go for bright red lipstick — it’s my absolute favourite. If you can’t do your own make-up and don’t have a friend who can help, just get rid of the oiliness on your face, wear some lipstick and brush your eyebrows in shape.

I’m assuming you have eyebrows and don’t need to draw them in. If you’re one of those people who’re still drawing in their eyebrows, please start growing them until they’re thick enough for a professional to shape them for you. No more razor blades please!

Once your hair and make-up are sorted out, try freshening up your armpits.

You do this by wiping them with wet wipes until they’re clean and scent-free. Apply fresh deodorant; I’m assuming you always carry deodorant in your handbag. You have to be that girl who always has deodorant in their handbag!

A few puffs of perfume on your neck, inside your wrists and elbows will go a long way in making sure you smell fresh. No one will know you were at work all day and didn’t get the chance to go home and freshen up.

What will tie everything together perfectly will be fresh breath. Rinse your mouth to get rid of the bits of food still comfortably perched in your mouth.

After you’ve done so, pop in a peppermint gum or sweet and you’re good to go.

Men have less to do when freshening up for an evening something. Few care about the oiliness of their skin and won’t bother wiping off the excess but it would be nice if you did. A fresh breath is key.

No one wants someone with a stale breath talking right in their face. It’s a major turn off, for me at least. I stop hearing what you’re saying and start wondering if you can’t tell your breath needs freshening up. If you don’t leave the house in a suit, at least wear a good pair of pants, blazer and white or black shirt.

You can always pimp up the look later in the day with a pocket-square and a lapel pin. A few puffs of that Sauvage by Christian Dior really won’t hurt!

Until next week, flaunt your pattern and style and don’t forget to catch up with me on Twitter handle @Yolisswa, visit my blog, or like my Facebook page Pattern & Style.


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