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‘Go well Mukoma Peter, you will always be my brother’

Ozias Bvute Special Correspondent
I WAS deeply saddened to hear that my dear and trusted friend of many years, Peter Chingoka, had passed away in the early hours of Thursday (yesterday) morning.

His remarkable composure, wisdom and gentle manner stood out to all who encountered him. As both my friend and my Chairman, I would seek out his sober and objective counsel on many occasions, always given while holding his trademark cigarette in his left hand.

I was with him a few weeks ago in his hospital room and remember desperately trying to change the TV channel to enable him to watch his beloved game of cricket.

Little did I know that would be the last we would watch together.

Despite his discomfort, he was, as always, warm and humorous and it is this consistency of character that stood out to me.

Although we spoke at length, mukoma was a thoughtful speaker, a man of very few words who made sure that every single word meant something.

One thing he would often say to me was “mukoma (he called me that despite the fact that I was many years younger than him), they will land a few good blows on us, but we will put in a few as well, and it will soon be over”.

How true of all that is life.

I am comforted knowing that his legacy was one of survival and tenacity and he will remain an icon not only to me but many Zimbabweans, young and old, striving to make a difference.

Rest In Peace Mukoma Peter.

You will be sorely missed.

Ozias Bvute

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The Herald

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