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Repentance is differently understood, depending on a church’s doctrine. Last week, pastors (Dr) Matthew and Priscilla Wazara of Threshing Floor Prayer Ministries hosted a three-day convention dubbed “2017 National Repentance Conference” at Borrowdale Community Church, Harare. Tendai Manzvanzvike caught up with Pr Priscilla to get an appreciation of what the conference was about. The following are excerpts.


Q: When we talk about repentance, people have different interpretations. To Threshing Floor Prayer Ministries what does this mean?

A: As a ministry, we believe that repentance is part of the foundation of true Christian faith. It is so important that it cannot be glossed over, neglected or wished away.

To us, the idea of calling on the nation to a time of fasting and repentance came about while in prayer for the good of our economy. We are going through challenges and we believe God’s intervention is necessary to turn back the tide of hardship.

But before you can call on God to intervene, you need to introspect and examine if God’s laws have been violated, and through repentance we can come back to a place of a right relationship with God.

Repentance is a change of mind and behaviour. It’s turning away from a life contrary to God’s law and embracing His commandments and statutes.

As Christians, we need to know that God has laws that govern individual lives, and the same laws affect families and nations.

Psalm 24:1 says, The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein, meaning that whether you believe that God exists or not, you love and serve Him or not, certain laws and statutes that He ordained will affect you because God is sovereign.

Gravity is not seen by the naked eye, but it exists and if you disobey the rules of gravity, you will find out the hard way.

Q: Why have repentance at a national level, and not just individual or church level?

A: Just as individuals can violate God’s laws, nations can also violate God’s principles, which are righteousness and justice, which are the foundation of His throne, the Bible tells us.

So, when nations violate this, they also sin against God and therein lies the need for repentance.

The Word of God in 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 shows us that when things are not going well, if we come together – united in repentance – He will heal us.

You can also read what the Lord says in Jeremiah 18:6-10, which clearly shows us the scriptural basis for repentance. We also have Nehemiah repenting for himself, family and the nation of Israel. Thereafter, he got the breakthrough to go and rebuild the walls and gates of Jerusalem.

Q: I remember the energy and zeal you exuded when I first met you in 2011 before the inaugural Threshing Floor Prayer Conference. Since then, you have hosted a number of conferences. Where does the drive come from and what do you want to achieve?

A: The common thread in the national issues we have travailed for is that Jesus is at the centre of it all. We never have a conference just because that is what ministries do. But we do so only in obedience to the unction of the Holy Spirit concerning an issue or message He wants conveyed to the nation.

The drive, I believe, is from the stress and discomfort that I see in our nation and my faith in God who I know is faithful to watch over.

For the past 19 years, we have held on to the Cindy Jacobs prophecy, which says Zimbabwe will be the breadbasket of Africa. This gives me the hope and strength to push through in prayer for our nation, even as Scripture encourages me to do so in Isaiah 62:1-4.

I cannot relent, for God will come through! God’s grace spurs me on to continue in prayer.

Q: How have past conferences impacted on national issues and the body of Christ?

A: The themes of previous conferences have awakened and encouraged the body of Christ to unite in prayer and faith, as well as strengthen their resolve to hold on to the promises of God.

As to whether our past conferences have impacted national issues, I honestly cannot say, but I can only pray that they have, and more importantly God’s will in our nation has and will prevail.

Q: And, who are Pastor Wazara and the Threshing Floor Prayer Ministries?

A: Pastor Priscilla is just a servant of God with a burden for the nation, and Threshing Floor is a prayer ministry that exists to pray for individuals, families and the nation.

Q: Final remarks…

A: Zimbabwe has known great splendour in the past and there are many prophecies that God will restore it to its original splendour.

Numbers 23:19 says, God is not a man that he should lie; neither the son of man that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?”



This is the full text of the Cindy Jacobs prophecy on Zimbabwe given in Guatemala City, Guatemala on October 30, 1998.

“The river is going to flow through Zimbabwe and I see a powerful torrent of water, a mighty rushing torrent, many fish. I see that there are strongholds in the church of division and the accuser of the brethren is active to discourage souls.

An army of women with the Deborah anointing will march across the land. They will be like a net all over Zimbabwe with prayer. With a powerful anointing, the women first and men following.

I see ancient thrones coming down, reconciliation between black and white, the spirit of racism which goes back further down to the tribes. I will use Zimbabwe like a jewel; she will help feed the world with beautiful produce.

God will break the curse that came through civil war … the curse will be broken. I know nothing about Zimbabwe. The land will produce beautiful beef. New factories will be built.

Zimbabwe has the ministry of reconciliation that reunites the African people. The anointing of reconciliation will be all over Zimbabwe. Do not be afraid of the change. Although it looks like you are going backwards. I have a plan for you.

Satan thinks he is advancing but I will expose wickedness at high levels. Do not be afraid. Satan will try to bring war; this army will be used to stop war and bloodshed. A treaty will be written with other nations.

Zimbabwe will be used like Switzerland to bring the healing of nations to break ancient things. Your nation came through trickery, but God will restore it. You will be given a piece of land, a beautiful place to pray. You will build a place to watch and pray. It will be like a compound with a place to sleep.

The Annas will give their lives for intercession. Senior citizens will have places to stay and give their time to pray day and night.”

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