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Gospel singer relishes Nigerian engagement

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
Rising gospel music sensation Letty Chiwara has joined the bandwagon of many local artistes looking up to West African music, collaborating and emulating successful regional musicians of our time. Chiwara — who worked with Nigerian producer Ifeanyi on her album “Second Chance” released earlier this year — said her West African engagement was bearing fruit.

The album has been getting a positive response from Nigeria, prompting her to consider staging a show in the oil-rich country in the near future.

In an interview, Chiwara said she was getting fair recognition from the Nigerian market.
“On my album we have Ifeanyi as one of the producers and he did amazing work which is reflected in how some of the songs are getting much appreciation in Nigeria and other West African countries,” she said.
On the local markets “Matesitimony” and “Zvakadaro” have been topping gospel music charts

Video of the song “Zvakadaro” is gaining ground receiving positive comments on YouTube and several social media platforms.
“People are appreciating my music basing on the charts and views of the videos, I would like to thank God for that. I am encouraging people to love the word of God through music,” she said.
Chiwara started singing in 2008 releasing three albums since then.

She said she does not overlook great work done by local producer such as local producers Mono Mukundu who she credits for playing a major role in uplifting her talent.

“Though I am working with different producers from South Africa and Nigeria, back home there are people like Mono Mkundu who played a major role in my music career. I will continue to work with him,” she said.
Chiwara worked with Mkundu on her first and second albums “Mbiri Ndeyenyu” and “Vesai Moto”.
Chiwara is working on a DVD to be released later this year.

“I first released two videos ‘Matestimony’ and ‘Zvakadaro’, but we are now working on a full DVD for the whole album. I pray to God that people will appreciate them,” she said.

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