Grace Mugabe to Name Corrupt Government Ministers

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe will soon be naming and shaming government ministers and officials who have been involved in corruption over the years and those caught in the net will be prosecuted, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned.

Blessed Mhlanga
Staff Reporter

Mnangagwa, speaking at the official launch of his wife Auxilia’s campaign for the

“He said there would be no scared cows and nobody would be spared. Those caught in the net will be prosecuted while those who are clean will be left to do their work.” Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

said it had taken First Lady Grace Mugabe’s entry into politics to realise the extent of corruption.

“Corruption has been rampant in the private and public sector for years and the coming into politics of First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe allowed us a window of opportunity to see corruption, which was being committed by the big fish,” he said.

“I will not give names, but the president will commit when the time comes.

“He said there would be no scared cows and nobody would be spared. Those caught in the net will be prosecuted while those who are clean will be left to do their work.”

Most of the ministers who were fired from Mugabe’s government, including Vice-President Joice Mujuru, have been accused of corruption and have a prosecution rope hanging over their heads.

Police have indicated that they were investigating Mujuru, who now faces possible arrest over allegations of corruption.

The ruling Zanu PF has for long been accused of paying lip-service to corruption and not doing much to stem it.

Mnangagwa said the government was determined to revive dormant steelmaking company, Ziscosteel (now New Zimsteel).

The vice-president said he would soon chair a meeting between major shareholders Essar Africa and ministers to ensure that all sticking points were ironed out.

“President Mugabe gave us 23 projects which we need to address as the government as we move to accelerate the implementation of our policy document, ZimAsset, and Ziscosteel is one of those projects,” he said.

“In the past, Essar used to meet individual ministries and their ministers to discuss what they wanted and sometimes these issues would then clash with other ministries creating a log jam.

“The government will now hold one meeting with Essar and all ministers will be present. I will chair that meeting and after all has been said and agreed, we will sign an undertaking on what would have been agreed.”

Mnangagwa urged all government ministers to work hard to ensure that ZimAsset succeeded.

“I will follow up to see if the ministers fulfil those obligations agreed by the government during the meeting and will not hesitate to whip ministers to ensure they work towards achieving goals.”

Mnangagwa made a thinly-veiled attack on his Precab Farm neighbour reverend Tititi Moyo saying everyone who was given a farm should strive to stay in peace with others, before delivering a chilling warning.

“Nobody bought these farms, you were given for free and, therefore, you should stay well with your neighbours,” he said.

“If you behave like a big headed bully, we will put you in a cold room so that you chill in there.”

Moyo has been accused of terrorising his neighbours, with some holding a demonstration at Mnangagwa’s farm last December demanding Moyo’s eviction.

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