Gtel releases first wireless smartphone

Gtel yesterday released the stunning X7 Plus smartphone, featuring the latest android generation custom processor and wireless charging and earphone system.

The company’s brand manager Alvin Pande, said the smartphone features deep learning-based software that enables mobile devices to open up a whole new world of user experiences.

Building on the success of X6 Plus, the X7 plus exhibits 40 percent more powerful double core performance and offers a seamless multitasking experience, along with one of the best cameras on the market and 3D touch.

“Our aim at Gtel is to break new ground and raise the bar for mobile devices across the board. “The all new X7 Plus is no exception in our endeavour.

“Designed for Android smartphone fanatics, our aim is to differentiate usage of other phones through exceptional camera features and overall premium image quality through two camera captors’ 16 mega pixel front camera and 16+5MP at the back.

“It is also our first wireless charger and earphone enhanced device. The number one benefit of wireless charging and earphone use is never having to fiddle with cords.

“Wireless system eliminates the need for messy cords and provides a more convenient charging experience by just letting you drop your device on or in the charging station,” said Mr Pande.

He said by not having to deal with cords, the charger is less likely to break or wear out over time.

The X7 Plus has one of the biggest processors, the Octa core 2.6GHZ, which surpasses the processing speed and quality of most average laptops in Zimbabwe.

Further, it also connects at the highest available network connectivity in the country of 4G LTE, offering a seamless multi-tasking experience for faster and smooth mobile communication.

Mr Pande added that after the release of the X7 Plus, a series of other smartphones will be released simultaneously in the market this year to meet demand and provide variety.

“After the success we had this year following the release of the X6 Plus, we devised a better plan to meet demand and provide variety in the mobile phone market. The X6 sold out in a matter of hours resulting in an outcry by customers.”

Gtel says it will be releasing a range of smartphones in the X series, with the next in line after X7 Plus being the Infinity series.

The X7 Plus has a more efficient 3500Mah battery without being charged for days.

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The Herald

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