Gweru to borrow $115m for water and sanitation upgrading

GWERU City Council has applied to the government seeking powers to borrow $115 million to upgrade water and sanitation infrastructure.


Town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza said they will use the funds to rehabilitate water and sewer infrastructure.

“Notice is hereby given for general information and in accordance with section 290 (3) of the Urban Councils Act (chapter 29:15) and that subject to consent of the minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing being obtained in terms of section 290 (4) of the said Act, the city of Gweru proposes to borrow a maximum of $115 215 000 for the Gweru water and sanitation infrastructure upgrading and rehabilitation programme through an EPC +F model,” Gwatipedza said in the application for borrowing powers.

Gwatipedza said for the water projects, $27,5 million would go towards rehabilitation and expansion of Gwenoro and White Waters treatment plants, including Range Booster.

She said $5 million would be used for the construction and equipping of a new raw water pump station at Amapongokwe Dam, including the pump line to Gwenoro treatment plant, while the rehabilitation of Gwenoro and Amapongokwe raw water pump stations and repairing of Gwenoro and White Waters pumping mains would require $2 million each.

Council’s chief executive said $10 million would be used towards installation of 38 000 smart meters.

On sewage infrastructure projects, Gwatipedza said $30 million would go towards rehabilitation of Outfall Works, while $12 million and $21,5 million would be used for refurbishing Cambridgeshire treatment plant as well as sewage network and pump stations, respectively.

She said on solid waste management projects, the local authority would need $3,025 million for refuse management equipment, while $2 million and $100 000 would be used for relocation of the landfill site and water testing equipment, respectively.

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