Harare Frets Over International Reaction to Army Killings

“The events of August 1 (should) not determine how we are perceived,” foreign affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo said in Harare on Sunday.

He was referring to the deadly violence which rocked Harare after the July 30 elections when the military shot of opposition protestors resulting in the death of six people while several others were injured.

The killings were widely condemned by the West particularly the “disproportionate response from the security forces”.

“All nations should not view Zimbabwe basing on that incident. The situation is brighter for Zimbabweans than what happened two weeks ago,” said Moyo.

He added; “We definitely regret that particular incidents on 1 August.

“A Zimbabwean life is so precious that it should not allowed to be extinguished by any form but, we feel that people should have been more patient with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

“Protests are enshrined in the constitution and protests are allowed as long as they are peaceful.”

Moyo was addressing local journalists at the ministry’s Munhumutapa offices Sunday on the decision by the United States to extend its ZIDERA sanctions against Zimbabwe.

“The recently signed ZIDERA Amendment Act of 2018 is unfortunate in that we would rather have no restrictive measures and sanctions in our bilateral relations with the US government.

“There are some progressive aspects to the amended Act as well as some unfortunate and unhelpful ones,” he said.

ZIDERA continues to adversely impact the Zimbabwean economy despite claims that it was targeted at individual members of the Zanu PF administration.

“ZIDERA remains a challenge in that it is an extra territorial law, as Zimbabwe is not legally bound by another State’s domestic laws,” said Moyo.

“Both US companies and foreign companies as well as individuals from Zimbabwe are subject to the penalties. Therefore, this Bill cannot claim to be targeted at a few individuals.”

Mnangagwa’s administration has already taken steps to address some of the issues cited by the US when extending the sanctions.

“Some of the issues raised by the US like rule of law and enjoyment of freedoms, have been ushered in by the dispensation,” said Moyo.

There has been an unprecedented peaceful elections in the country. The situation is brighter for Zimbabweans than what happened two weeks ago.”

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