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Harare sweats over Carter House invaders

THE Harare City Council has approached the High court seeking an order to evict members of the Solomon Tawengwa Housing Co-operative from the local authority’s Carter House building in Mbare.


The Zanu PF-aligned co-operative members invaded the council property sometime last year and have defied directives to vacate the property.

Through its lawyers Kanokanga and Partners Legal Practitioners, the council issued summons against the co-operative led by Absolom Mutamba on October 25
“The plaintiff (City of Harare) owns the properties commonly known as Carter House Canteen and Helping Hand Institute, Mbare, Harare. The defendant (Solomon Tavengwa Co-operative) invaded and occupied the aforesaid properties without the plaintiff’s knowledge or consent,” the council said.

“The plaintiff served the defendant with a seven-day notice to vacate the aforesaid property sometime in 2017. The defendant’s representative refused to accept service of the aforesaid notice to vacate the premises and continues to be in unlawful occupation of Carter House, Mbare, Harare.”

According to the council, despite several demands, the co-operative had either failed, refused and/or neglected to vacate the aforesaid property, prompting the authorities to approach the court for recourse.

“Wherefore the plaintiff claims, an order for the eviction of the defendants and all persons claiming occupation through it from Carter House Canteen and Helping Hand Institute, Mbare, Harare and costs of suit,” council said.

On August 25, 2017, council, through its lawyers, wrote to one A Mutamba giving notice to the invaders to vacate the property.

“City of Harare is the owner of the properties called Carter House Canteen and Helping Hand Institute in Mbare. The properties have been invaded by Solomon Tavengwa Co-operative which is led by Absolom Mutamba. The occupation is illegal as there is no lease agreement or any other agreement for that matter between the City of Harare and Solomon Tavengwa Co-operative and or Absolom Tavengwa,” part of the letter read.

“In the circumstances, we are instructed as we hereby do, that you within the next seven days vacate the premises, failing which we have strict instructions to institute legal proceedings for eviction.”

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