Have sanctions backfired on imperialism?

Obi Egbuna Jnr Simunye
During a 2014 interview on Fusion TV, former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, stated that the US blockade on Cuba needed to be lifted because it had propped up the Castros.

While this reckless and politically amateurish statement by Mrs Clinton, resulted in a backlash that exposed her. She was guilty of flip-flopping on the question of the blockade on Cuba. It revealed that US Imperialism has no answer or remedy for revolutionary unity and patriotism.

This reality forces the so-called African-American community, to address how long they can let their white liberal fairy godmother and the Democratic Party use diplomatic terrorism as a means to impose their political will on nations they cannot control or intimidate.

Because Mrs Clinton is a co-sponsor of the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001, it would be an embarrassment not only to her, but her advisers, handlers and family.

If she functions from the understanding that Zimbabwe’s Government, ruling party and everyday people needed a policy that represents a knee jerk reaction from white supremacists to unite them, it would be embarrassing.

Both Zimbabwe and Cuba are models of how rewarding guerrilla warfare under the right circumstances, can do to transform an entire generation of people, who refuses to be defined by colonialism, annexation or captivity.

US-EU imperialism recognises they are in over their heads, with the leadership of a nation where regime change is the order of the day, of textbook manipulation or compare them to another leader whom they are more comfortable with socially or ideologically.

This strategic and methodological approach was front and centre, after it was discovered that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher stated in her opinion Nelson Mandela was not as intelligent as former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe, but a lot nicer.

It is crucial that Mother Africa’s most patriotic daughters and sons not only refuse to bite the bait, but realise the broader political and intellectual ramifications of Mrs Thatcher’s shrewdness in comparison to Mrs Clinton’s dizziness.

First and foremost it is much simpler to sit down with an individual, who would agree in principle to share power with his former coloniser, as opposed to someone who successfully engineered the final phase of an armed struggle against your military, and followed that up by running circles around you at the negotiating table.

When our enemies praise us for our intelligence, it is nothing more than forceful recognition of political defeat, for they did not anticipate due to arrogance or underestimating our ability to take the fight to them on a multitude of fronts.

If Madiba had led ANC to a resounding military victory in the trenches in South Africa, and former president Mugabe shared power with former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith, who knows, perhaps it would be former president Mugabe with a statue in front of the UN headquarters in New York and as many biographical films as “Planet of the Apes” sequels on the big screen in Hollywood.

What Zimbabwe, Cuba, Eritrea, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and North Korea all have in common is militaristic sanctioning, which is an alternative to a conventional warfare that produced the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill, Eisenhower, MacArthur and Patton.

Whenever we see a head of state representing the colonialist and imperialist legacy of attempted global domination, let us try to remember sanctioning for them is a compromise to cowardly assassinations and invasions.

This explains Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke wearing a custom made suit, instead of the hood and sheets associated with KKK folklore on horses burning crosses on African people’s yards throughout the United States.

The mighty people of Zimbabwe will be the first to remind us, that when former US Secretary of State and Joint Chief of Staff officially announced US-EU sanctions on Zimbabwe, he wasn’t dressed in camouflage or fatigues. He had on what so called African-Americans in the Christian tradition call their Sunday’s best.

Because US-EU imperialists have developed a shameless tradition, of expressing regret after they inflict damage on their victims. We have seen them do this after the destructive nature of sanctions is exposed to the world.

Any human being with any semblance of decency was sick to their stomach, when former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright pretended to express regret concerning sanctions on Iraq.

The ultimate insult to Zimbabwean and African people’s collective intelligence, is when US-EU imperialists say their sanctions on Zimbabwe are targeted. Because we were forced to fully comprehend the seven colonial languages, we learned the meaning of your words, the way children absorb the alphabet in kindergarten.

Zimbabwe is targeted for sanctions, the way Dr King, Brother Malcolm and Medgar Evers were targeted by their assassins. Cuba is targeted for a blockade the way the CIA and gusanos (slimy worm in English) targeted Commandant Fidel Castro for assassination 635 times.

We who due to our principles and values recognise that being targeted by colonialism and imperialism ,is part and parcel of defending your people and homeland with honour, are automatically equipped to endure the hardship that comes with the territory.

Source : The Herald

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