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Health hazard looms in Kadoma’s Rimuka

It is usually taboo for parents to share a bedroom with their children especially when they are grown-up.

Lack of resources has however resulted in the family moral fabric being lost in Kadoma’s single quarters and general barracks sections of Rimuka.

The single quarters and general barracks sections were established decades ago to accommodate mainly male workers when only very few women were employed in industries.

The sections were established with inadequate ablution and other sanitary facilities back then.

The situation has became worse because each single quarter provides shelter for up to seven family members.

The single quarters section has 3 toilet squat holes for males and females each to save 64 housing units.

The situation is so dire that being a communally shared facility, the chances of it remaining dirty for long periods are very high.

Mr Godfrey Banda, who spent his entire adult life at the single quarters section in Kadoma’s Rimuka said it has become difficult to monitor children at night as some are now putting up at neighbours dwellings.

Late last year, Kadoma Mayor, Councillor Muchineripi Chinyanganya said council is always keen to decongest the single quarters and the general barracks but the residents in the area often say they do not have the required funds to move to areas with better services.

It is by sheer luck that no major communicable disease outbreak has hit the area, but in the event of a cholera outbreak, the disease can wipe quite a number of people in the single quarters and general barracks due to overcrowding, which is coupled with inadequate water and sanitary facilities.

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