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This week we thought it wise to start on a health tip since most people are succumbing to diseases mainly due to ignorance.

Last week, was Non-Communicable Diseases Week and the Diabetes Association of Zimbabwe made it a must that the rest of Zimbabwe gets to know about the condition.

The DAZ reached out to radio listeners through a live broadcast by a local radio station ZiFM.

It was a noble thing since most of us got to know about diabetes and its ‘cousin’, hypertension and what should be done when one suspects that they have the signs and symptoms of the diseases.

The point here is that, if the guys at ZiFM could do it, how about our own local television broadcaster, ZTV?

This is what some of the programmes that focus on health should be doing, beaming such events so that the nation gets to know about certain diseases.

That way, we would have made a huge contribution towards reducing mortality rates which are directly related to these conditions.

Moving on, it is interesting to note that Zambezi Magic on Dstv is doing a splendid job in promoting local musicians by screening their musical videos in the top 10 segment dubbed Zim Top 10.

This is a welcome move which will go a long way in promoting musicians because by giving them such a platform, they are actually exposing them to a wider viewing audience since Zambezi Magic broadcasts to the Southern African region.

This is the same platforms which promoted other artistes in the region and today, such artistes are big names, not only in their home countries, but in various parts of Africa and also on the international platform.

Such screening also promotes healthy competition since musicians and producers will be putting in the best of their creative juices to come up with products that are appealing to the viewers.

It also gives other musicians a chance to learn from how their colleagues are doing it, and from there they can then improve on their products.

The top 10 music segment by Zambezi Magic is a welcome move since it will put local videos on a scale which will enable the musicians to gauge how far they are faring in comparison with others.

When such videos are taken to ZTV for musical programmes, one cannot be surprised to see them doing better considering their wide exposure, appeal and appreciation at such a regional level afforded to them by channels like Zambezi Magic.

It is always a good thing for local studios to release musicians whom they believe in and have faith that their videos will make it and compete with the best not only in Zimbabwe but also outside.

This is the reason why videos by the likes of Ammara Brown and Jah Prayzah have made it through to other foreign channels because of their quality.

Meanwhile, it is encouraging to note that new channels are entering the broadcasting fray.

This promotes diversity and plurality in the media industry.

But as is always the case, the same old faces and voices often find their way to these new corporations.

Not that these tried and tested personnel should not be employed since they are qualified veterans of the job, however, being a new player in the industry means bringing in fresh new ideas, a new approach and way of doing things.

There a good number of talents lying out there and most of these end up being swallowed by the brain-drain syndrome because locally they are not given a chance to prove themselves when new opportunities arise, like in this case.

Yes, auditions might have been made but these should have a sharp focus on new blood that oozes with creative gems that can take the broadcasting industry to new levels.

Of course, it is good to mix the old guard with the new faces.

But the show must not entirely belong to the former.


Documentaries and more documentaries.

This is the call that producers are always making to filmmakers.

There are a host of ideas out there that can make good documentaries, but it seems filmmakers are failing to pick them by coming up with good documentaries. The other day, I bumped into a talented young film producer.

Lloyd Chikwama is his name, and he was busy interviewing people on their views on a subject he is currently working on as part of his new documentary.

Chikwama’s observation after being asked about the inspiration behind his documentary was spot-on: filmmakers are failing to explore some subjects, issues which affect society today, he said.

The month of March is when the late talented musician Sam Mtukudzi passed away.

ZTV, as a way of helping the nation to remember this young musician who was nipped like a rose from our midst, should at least have screened some of his musical videos or previous interviews. Interviewing his father, Oliver Mtukudzi and his mother Daisy (Mai Mtukudzi), could have been a wise move.

How about a Sam Mtukudzi documentary? Food for thought.

The South African Film and Television Awards show came and went>

Good thing we had some Zimbabweans who represented us on the red carpet.

What did we learn about the show?

Another food for thought for locals when it comes to hosting awards.

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