Hell breaks lose, Grace rubbishes Mujuru: Pictures and Audio

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“We know you don’t work. Just going kubasa wakaberekwa naMugabe, zvapera nhasi izvozvo.I did not wrest Muchinguri’s post, why do you want to remove Mugabe by force? I coup yavari kuda kutoita.” 

Hanzi ini ndirikuda kuita President, why not, handisi mwana wemuZimbabwe here? Hoo iwe ndiwe wakakodzera nhai? Today we now say chizororai amai, vanogona vaenderere mberi.

There are plenty of people who can run this country, not Mujuru…we cannot go back to where we were before independence.

People who support Mujuru may do so but Zimbabwe has one leader who has one wife.

Mai Mujuru’s combination with Kaukonde is pathetic, she surrounds herself with political prostitutes

Daily News yakatengwa ndosaka muchiona vachingonyora nezvangu.”

Mai Mujuru was moving around reading ZimAsset and buying peopel to take over. A lot were paid, I cannot name them, they might stroke.

Izvezvi zvainzi Grace arikufambirei achiita marally, why not? I am the First Lady.

Regai ndikupakurirei nyaya yaMai Mujuru zvishoma nezvishoma because your ear drums might burst.

Amai says it doesnt mean kuti kana munhu asina kudzidza hazvireve kuti haasi wise.

 Mai Mujuru must resign!” Crowd erupts. She looks at Chinotimba and says “Kasi hausi kufara here?. Vacancy yamuka ka iyi.

 Vakanditi I’m a fool but ndakati Okay, I’m a fool but muchandiona.

 Mai Mujuru vaipfura nepano vasingauye pano. It’s just one day that she passed by but she was in a hurry. I cried that day.

Kaukonde is a Mujuru agent, manje ndakamumaka big time. Iko kaye ndiko kane demon.” He was giving mayouths $75 each kuti vaite noise kuMash East.

Hakurarwe kumba ikoko, vatowonda futi…

Amai ava havana chavakazoita nekuti she spent her time eying the President’s post.I don’t see kuti vakakodzera kutungamira nyika ino here.

Amai says people should respect Mnangagwa, he was voted by 8 provinces to be VP but he did the honourable thing and let Mai Mujuru take the post.

She wants to use money to topple Mugabe.” and the crowd shouts “Mai vakawora ivavo! Mbavha mbavha!

Payouth league conference pakashanda mari, hatidi kunyepa.

Handitye , ndinotaura ini. Ndakati Chiwenga ngaauye nefiring squad and pump the bullets in me, they want to kill me, vaiti bhora musango in 2008, zvinoratidza kuti umwe wedu haana hunhu.

 Amai says Mai Mujuru did an about turn on Robert Mugabe and wanted to push him out. She also says she has never heard Mai mujuru say pasi neMDC.

Kana uri murume wotosunga mabrugwa diarrhoea isabude.

Kana wanga uchisupporta Mai Mujuru buda izvezvi, today is the final push, moment of truth is here.

Ndini ndakaita kuti mai Mujuru vave paposition iyoyi, ndakafara pavakaita VP.

Gives an example of how Sally Mugabe was in the women’s league so it is not a surprise kuti Amai vave muwomen’s league. There is displeasure from the people at Ruwondo’s claims that he was looking out for the welfare of the war vets and Grace encourages the war vets to protest if their needs are not met.

 Assures war vets that all their issues would be addressed and says that war vets deserve to be taken care of.

“All war veterans know what they did, not those who claim that they have downed a chopper. Let people say it than praise yourself only to be disapproved by others.” Grace.

Grace takes the mic “Pasi ne Gamatox!” and orders a moment of silence for the fallen heroes.

“I surrendered my post to Grace the game-changer after I realised that they wanted to take over the youths and women’s leagues”

She says the party is infested with Zvigandanga who are running parallel structures and that there are now two centers in government, creating chaos.

Muchinguri thanks the war veterans for sacrifices in the liberation struggle and she says the struggle still continues and it’s now against the elite and bourgeois as well as the corrupt.



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