Hollow Dreams, Misguided Perceptions of Wealth and Reality of #Africa Youth

This generation has it worse than ever before, in my opinion and this is because we are all so focused on chasing after the hollow dreams of TV reality shows, the bloated egos of so-called “celebs” and not actually focusing on working hard,  earning the money and living a lifestyle that you can afford or as my father put it, “living within your means” .

 Today’s generation has become so complacent that most of us expect success with no effort. It is sad that many teens  today think that the wealth and glamour will come easily to them and I have seen so many people suffer from depression through having these unreasonably high expectations and not realising them.

 “Social media feeds narcissism and stokes expectations.” You hear teens talk about so and so has 20 000 followers so that must make him a success. You see musicians filming videos in fancy houses and driving fancy cars, not knowing that they have rented cars for the day or rented the house. The next question inevitably is, “What about those people who are living the mansions and driving fancy cars?”

 Unless you have won the lottery or are above a certain age, or had the good fortune to invent something brilliant like  Facebook or Whatsapp, you cannot just expect to wake up in a mansion and drive a Bentley. Those who can maintain that lifestyle have taken the time to gain their wealth through a lot of hard work.  In Johannesburg most of the people who I see driving Porsches are mostly people  in their late 40’s or early 50’s and that is because they have probably worked hard to amass that wealth over time and have probably bought their car and homes with cash and not on credit.


Credit is the next bad thing that creates hollow dreams. Some people are swimming in debt and are slaving away  to meet all bills they rack up. Some households are lucky if they break even because of credit! Some of those big houses have empty rooms because they cannot afford to furnish them and some are so dilapidated inside due to  not being properly maintained. I personally know a friend who bought a BMW 7 series yet he is renting his home and has an airbed and you wonder why?  

 So it is true all that glitters is not gold and this generation must understand that you must work to achieve your dreams and not just wish upon a star! Rome was not built in a day. 

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