Honour Thy Mother . . . Nation Joins World in Celebrating Mother’s Day

Zimbabweans yesterday joined the rest of the world in celebrating Mother’s Day, a day when motherhood is honoured.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March and May.

It was pomp and fanfare in the city, with gifts of all shapes and sizes exchanging hands as children honoured their mothers for the role they play in bringing them into the world.

Some families organised outings for all of their members, having special meals in restaurants.

“No one can replace my mom,” said Mrs Blessing Murwisi-Nyemba. “She is my best friend, an amazing woman and I thank her for always believing in me and supporting my dreams.”

Mrs Monalisa Denhere took her mother for a special lunch at a local restaurant and showered her with praises, describing her as her role model.

“She is based in America, but this won’t stop me from doing something special for her,” she said. “VaNhewa (totem) is my source of inspiration and she is all I can live up to. For me to be where I am today and to be what I am, it is because of my mother. I love her so dearly.”

Another parent, Ruvimbo Chigumbura, was ecstatic when her five-year-old son Garvin, who is in pre-school, prepared a handmade card for her inscribed “Thank you mummy and I love you”.

Many men also gave their wives a treat, appreciating their roles in society.

“My mother is late, therefore, I am dedicating this day to my beautiful wife,” Mr Nicholas Chigwiko said. “I bought her several gifts and will definitely take her out for dinner at a quiet place and her mother, will join us for the dinner.”

Others gave thanks to their grandmothers and aunts who raised them following the deaths of their mothers, describing them as super women.

Some, whose mothers departed mother earth, took time to celebrate their lives, convening family gatherings where they took time to pray and party.

At the United Family International Church, the church’s leader Emmanuel Makandiwa dedicated the morning service sermon to mothers.

He described mothers and wives as special beings, who should be honoured in a special way.

Makandiwa implored men to always take contributions by their wives seriously, giving an example of his own wife, whom he said was far ahead of him in handling family matters.

He said his wife was the pillar of the church in terms of her good organisational capacity and without her he would have failed to make it.

Makandiwa then led the congregants in prayer for their mothers and wives.

Mothers play a very crucial role in keeping the social fabric intact as they are the vanguard of families, particularly that they are the first teachers of children in their families and instilling discipline.

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